Welcome to infinity, Branding Agency in Delhi NCR, where we don't just create ads; we craft experiences that resonate. Our mission is simple yet profound to uncover the hidden gem within your brand's soul and amplify it through purpose-driven advertising.

As one of the Leading Branding Agency in Delhi NCR, we are dedicated to helping businesses stand out in the crowd. At our branding agency, we believe that every brand has a unique story to tell, and we are here to help you tell yours.

Our Approach

Building Purposeful Brands: Our Unique Methodology

Unifying Brand Purpose

In the boardrooms and brainstorming sessions, we're not just strategists; we're detectives. We unveil the why behind your brand's existence, distilling it into a compelling purpose that serves as the North Star for all your endeavours. This isn't just about a tagline; it's about crafting a purpose that seeps into every aspect of your organisation, creating an unshakable foundation for success. Join us on a journey where clarity meets resonance, and your brand's purpose becomes a guiding force.

Developing Culture Currency

In a world divided by boundaries, our culture currency is the universal language that binds. It's not just a phrase; it's the heartbeat of your brand, resonating across demographics, cultures, and markets. We create a cultural currency that transcends traditional barriers, turning your brand into a movement that people willingly embrace.

The Impact - "Strategic Advertising that Transforms"

Numbers speak louder than words. Explore how our purpose-driven approach translates into campaigns that don't just grab attention but leave a lasting impact. From skyrocketing engagement metrics to tangible business growth, our campaigns are more than creative; they're transformative experiences that leave a mark. Witness the before and after of brands like yours that dared to embrace a purposeful narrative. Discover how purpose isn't just a buzzword but a game-changer in the world of strategic advertising. This sets the stage for an immersive journey through the transformative power of your agency's services. Adjust the tone and specifics to align with your agency's unique voice and style.

Our Services

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Brand Purpose Development

At infinity, the journey begins with a deep dive into the essence of your brand. Through intensive research and analysis, we unearth the core values, aspirations, an unique selling propositions that define your brand. This phase is not just about data; it's about extracting the soul of your brand that sets the stage for a purpose-driven transformation.

Purpose Driven Workshops

We believe in collaboration as a catalyst for innovation. In our purpose-driven workshops, we bring together key stakeholders, creatives, and strategists to ideate, align, and co-create the narrative that will shape your brand's purpose. These sessions are dynamic, interactive, and designed to spark the ideas that will fuel your brand's journey.

Culture Currency Creation

With the purpose defined and ideas generated, we move to the creation of your brand's 'culture currency.' This isn't just a logo or a tagline; it's a visual and verbal language that resonates universally. From imagery to messaging, we craft elements that become the currency your brand trades in connecting with audiences on a profound level and crossing cultural boundaries effortlessly.

Strategic Campaign Implementation

With the groundwork laid, we launch purpose-driven campaigns that cut through the noise. Our strategic approach ensures that your brand not only communicates its purpose but lives it. From digital platforms to traditional media, we curate campaigns that make a statement, driving engagement and loyalty among your target audience.

Brand Manual Creation

At infinity, the journey begins with a deep dive into the essence of your brand. Through intensive research and analysis, we unearth the core values, aspirations, an unique selling propositions that define your brand. This phase is not just about data; it's about extracting the soul of your brand that sets the stage for a purpose-driven transformation.

Case Studies

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SURYA - Brand Positioning


In the ever-evolving corporate landscape, Surya Roshni faced a daunting challenge of maintaining a consistent brand image across diverse sectors, including lighting, consumer durables, and steel/PVC pipes. The lack of a synchronized brand strategy resulted in fragmented communication and a diffused brand identity.


The issue at hand was evident—a lack of uniformity in creative communication across various silos. Independent operations by individual Brand Managers contributed to a disarrayed brand identity for Surya Roshni. Recognizing the pressing need for a cohesive approach, we delved into the heart of the matter.


Our journey commenced with comprehensive secondary research, including valuable insights from KANTAR. Our team, through extensive meetings with multiple company stakeholders and market visits, gathered crucial data. The pivotal moment arrived with a meticulously orchestrated DAY LONG BRAND PURPOSING WORKSHOP. Key stakeholders from Surya Roshni convened to share insights, aspirations, and challenges. The outcome was profound. We assimilated data, dissected perspectives, and zeroed in on the defining BRAND ELEMENTS and the broader BRAND WORLD of Surya Roshni. This laid the foundation for a strategic, unified approach to brand communication.


The culmination of our efforts materialized in the creation of the BRAND IDENTITY MANUAL for Surya Roshni. This manual functioned as a compass, guiding every facet of communication to ensure synergy across the organization. It became the cornerstone of a unified and synchronized brand identity.

In tandem with this, a sharply defined BRAND POSITIONING STATEMENT emerged— I am Surya.” The Rest is History. This succinct yet powerful statement encapsulated the essence of Surya Roshni, providing a unifying thread that wove through every communication channel.

Our journey with infinity has been truly remarkable. Since their arrival, Ajay and his team have worked tirelessly to transform our brand significantly. the results are now starting to manifest.
Jitendra Agarwal

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Gravity Project Rebranding


In the fiercely competitive bathware industry, Gravity, a recent entrant, undertook the monumental task of challenging established players and disrupting the market with a distinctive brand identity. Recognizing the need for a unique positioning, a bold strategy was imperative to redefine Gravity's presence in this highly contested arena.


The challenge was monumental – Gravity needed to break through the clutter and establish a distinct, disruptive positioning in the fiercely competitive bathware sector. The absence of a cohesive strategy hindered the creation of a compelling brand identity, essential for challenging industry giants. To address this, an exhaustive analysis of Gravity's current position and market dynamics was initiated.


The journey began with an in-depth secondary research initiative to understand the dynamics of the highly competitive bathware industry. Building on this foundation, an intensive BRAND PURPOSING WORKSHOP involving key stakeholders from Gravity was orchestrated. This collaborative session became a crucible for extracting crucial insights, identifying aspirations, and understanding challenges. The outcome was revolutionary, unearthing Gravity's unique BRAND ELEMENTS and defining a distinct BRAND WORLD. This laid the groundwork for a bold, strategic approach to brand communication in the bathware sector.


The zenith of collaborative efforts materialized in the creation of the BRAND IDENTITY MANUAL for Gravity. This manual became a manifesto, guiding the brand through uncharted territories and ensuring coherence across every communication channel. It became the blueprint for an audacious and impactful brand identity in the fiercely competitive bath ware market.

Simultaneously, a provocative BRAND POSITIONING STATEMENT – "WATER LUXURY" – was crafted, encapsulating Gravity's essence and providing a disruptive theme that stood out amidst industry giants. Additionally, a confidential Brand World document, tailored for management, was developed. Training sessions were conducted for key stakeholders, and a workshop was organized for the team, reinforcing the brand's new direction and ensuring seamless integration of the brand identity across Gravity's operations.

Infinity team showed us the path to create a megabrand.
Anup Gupta

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