JCB - Rural Atttack
  • 20% Retail sales from rural campaign
  • 70% Village universe covered and
    50% more than once
  • 12K Orders from more than 1lac enquires
The success of a campaign is not just about the idea but also about its implementation; Infinity helped in presenting JCB machines as a source of alternate income to the people who could invest in this opportunity in the rural hinterlands of India.
Ashish Negi

General Manager, Marketing & Digital Strategy

  • Overview

    JCB is a pioneer in heavy machinery used across a variety of industries and has a strong brand presence across India with over 80% market share in the Backhoe category. Backhoe is sold as a multipurpose machine, so more the applications more the sale.

    Till early 2000, JCB was known as a prominent construction equipment player only in Urban Markets. There were immense opportunities in rural which were still unexplored. We suggested to develop a new market in rural, targeted to push volumes to the maximum potential.

  • Approach

    The mandate was to reach rural customers and build awareness for JCB across the TG.

    Promote JCB as a “viable Investment and how it adds value to their lives.” Motivating the TG to use original spare parts.

    Promote Rural Entrepreneurship Promotion and Livelihood Enhancement Programs - buying a Backhoe equals buying a Business.

    After a successful pilot model, this became a scaleable model across the country.

  • Conclusion

    By developing a new market in rural, JCB was able to push volumes. Almost 20% of Backhoe sales come from Rural. The flagship campaign has entered into its 18th year - successfully extended to Nepal & Myanmar. Further, the model has transformed into JCB Dealer Partnership Program wherein all their 60+ dealerships are involved with Team Infinity for planning and implementation support.