HMD - Kojak Selinge Syringes
  • The communication caught the fancies of the key stakeholders including the end users, created a pull, and helped HMD grow into a healthcare giant.
With Infinity Advertising Services, we managed to transform HMD into a household name while constantly growing our top-line.
Mr. Rajiv Nath

Founder, Director

  • Overview

    Since its inception in 1957, Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices Ltd. is a manufacturer of cutting-edge medical devices.

    Infinity started working with HMD in 2005.

    The Products of HMD, like Syringes and Cannulas belong to a low-involvement category.

    Despite introducing innovative products, the brand was missing the pull from the key stakeholders.

  • Approach

    Infinity came up with the idea of introducing an innovation – a one time use syringe, now popular as KOJAK syringes in consultation with the client.

    An Integrated Marketing communication campaign led by Television Commercials was conceived highlighting the safety features and health hazards

    The campaign communicated not only the rational benefits but also created an emotional connect with the viewer.

  • Conclusion

    A sustained and Integrated Marketing Communication helped the brand to establish consistency, synergy, scale, and a leadership position. HMD Healthcare has now become a household name and currently commands a whopping 70% market share in the country. No wonder, it has spread its wings in India and the countries like UK, USA and Africa.