Wondering, Why Your Content is Not Yielding the Desired Results!

Content is king.

However, creating content is a time-consuming process.

Businesses feed in their best efforts to rank on search engines, yet many businesses don’t yield the desired results.

If you are among those struggling businesses and want to create content that ranks on Google, this blog might help you develop the right content marketing strategy.

You need to understand why your content is not performing well and what you can do to fix it to create the content that everybody wants to read. 

Your content has gone off the rails.

Your content will rank if your audience finds it interesting. Your audience will find the content engaging if you are answering their curiosities or touching pain points. The internet is overloaded with the same content, you deliver unique content, and SERP rank is yours.

Before you write the content that your audience might find engaging, use keyword strategy. SEO content creation is one of the key efforts you need to include in your content marketing strategy. Keywords are the backbone of SEO, but not using them properly can degrade the ranking. Targeting wrong keywords, overstuffing them, or ignoring long-tail keywords leads to poor performance.

Tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, and Ahrefs can help you identify the right keywords for your business. Use long tail keywords that are less competitive and more specific.

Research what your audience is typing on the search bar. Understand the user intent. Remember that user intent can change over time.

Furthermore, most businesses make mistakes in understanding user intent and target audience. Without a clear picture, you will create content that will fail to engage the right audience. Users interact with engaging blog content and not just information content.

Many tools in the market can help you conduct audience research. Google Analytics, social media insights, website data, and surveys can tell you more about your audience’s demographics, behavior, and preferences.
Analyze the collected data and develop profiles of your ideal customers. Create content that includes how your product or service can solve their problems or fulfill their requirements.

Details are missing in your content:

You are writing content that lacks originality, depth, or value. Such content drives visitors away. Google prioritizes content that provides real information with detailed information.

You need to write comprehensive articles and aim for longer pieces. The more detailed insights and information you write, the more engaging content you build up.

Differentiate your content from competitors and include case studies, research, and unique data. Write content that is easy to comprehend, read, and navigate. Use infographics, images, attractive titles, headings, and bullet points to improve readability.

The ability to break up text in a precise and clear format attracts the audience’s attention. There are multiple ways you can write a piece of information, you can start writing and use an unmanaged approach in your writing style, confuse your readers about what you are trying to say, or you can give your content a shape, manage it in paragraphs and subheadings, use images to make them memorize the content easily, and describe every little detail of the information.

You ignored SEO best practices:

Even if you write the most engaging blog content, it can still be overlooked by SERP. Search engines won’t recognize the content quality if it is not optimized for them.

On-page SEO impacts the visibility of your content. You can optimize meta titles, headers, descriptions, and URLs with appropriate keywords. Make sure you customize each page’s meta title and description. Content optimization for Google involves a 25 checkpoints list. If you want to get a customized checkpoints list for your business, drop us an email at

If your website is not mobile-friendly, the content will be overlooked. More than half of the web traffic comes from mobile devices. Your target audience wants content accessibility in their hands. You will have to create a responsive design for your website that also has optimized loading time. A mobile-responsive website is one of the crucial steps in effective content marketing.

Use internal links to guide users to other pages on your site. It improves user experience and increases the engagement time on your website. Earn high-quality backlinks from websites in your industry and don’t be afraid to share your content on email newsletters, social media, third-party websites, and online communities.

Wrapping Up:

Creating content that ranks well on Google is a complex task. Content marketing for SEO and audience requires a strategic approach and an understanding of audience and SEO practices.

Once you analyze every tiny detail associated with your content, your content will promote itself effectively. You can significantly improve the performance of the content by introducing the exact content that your audience wants to engage with.

Stop wasting your time on content that doesn’t pay off. The right content will bring visibility, traffic, and conversions. And, remember, content creation is an ongoing process. Even if you get the visibility you once anticipated, you cannot stop regularly reviewing and updating the strategies.

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