Why should you choose digital marketing?

The main purpose of marketing is to meet your target audience or to draw their attention to your product or service. In the digital age, to meet them a business doesn’t have to go far, instead it should think strategically while planning, and before taking it to where they are: online. 

Also known as online marketing, digital marketing constitutes SEO, social media activities, email marketing, to mention a few. Whether you are an established business or a startup, it is a tool a business these days should understand or use to scale up its operations. 

However, the business should be clear about how it should be designed and how to make it effective to get the desired results. That is to stand out in the competition in the most cost-effective way. The onset of Covid19 and its subsequent impacts have quickened the speed in which businesses have adopted it. Now it is either you incorporate it into your business or face the consequences.

Following are some of the strong reasons for a business to adopt digital marketing. 


Digital marketing is considerably less expensive than traditional marketing. Specific prices may vary based on what your business is doing, but ad spends are normally lower than other forms of marketing. The chief difference between traditional and digital marketing is the medium through which the target audience gets the message. While the former uses traditional media, the latter uses digital and social media. One fine example is the difference between placing an advertisement in a major national newspaper and opting for Google ads. 


Apart from the ability to share your marketing message with a click, you also get the option to interact with your audience directly. This helps you generate information quickly, allowing you to fast-track business decisions. Additionally, you have the option to correct any marketing message that has gone wrong or something not nearly perfectly made. For instance, a marketing campaign launched online with errors can either be edited or reshared instantly without costing almost nothing or very little. 


Besides communicating with customers, digital marketing lets you track their activities or their browsing patterns. Moreover, you can monitor which ads and types of content they have consumed shortly before they make their purchase decision. Such accuracy can help you develop effective marketing strategies, thereby allowing you to refine and improve your strategy accordingly. A Facebook or Google ad, through their powerful algorithm, can give more consumer insights that can contribute to business.

Influencer Engagement

Another significant development of the digital world is giving people the power to do personal branding. This has produced ‘influencers’ who could be powerful partners for a business in marketing campaigns or making its presence more visible. Most importantly, they don’t charge as much as a Bollywood celebrity star would charge. Similarly, a business can also do the same for its owner who, with successful branding, can be a brand hero or another Elon Musk. Such an exercise can eventually add more value to the business.

Better Accuracy

In research and making purchase decisions, consumers are increasingly moving toward the digital space. It is believed that billions of people use mobile phones to do research or receive product information through social media and other digital platforms. Mobile data is synonymous with accurate data, and a digital marketing campaign targeting such segments is likely to get better results. This is the reason why Myntra, at one point, decided to go application-only. Today, all e-commerce companies prefer mobile applications to desktop versions because of this very reason.

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