What are the must have tools for Online Reputation Management

There is a separate place for Online Reputation Management in every marketing strategy. The reason for this is because everyone now has an online presence. You cannot imagine to run your business and earn a profit without having a digital imprint. Users have become more pro-active and before purchasing any offering, they go online and check all the details about what they are going to buy. Right from checking the reviews to searching for a cheaper and better alternative, the Internet provides everything to them. And business owners have started to realize this too. Having a website has become a norm now, irrespective of the offerings. This has also called for Online Reputation Management services.

Online Reputation Management or ORM plays a crucial role in a digital marketing strategy. Whenever people purchase your product, they may review it online on different platforms. Some of the reviews may be excellent but some of them may not be encouraging. What Online Reputation Management does is, remove all the negative reviews about the brand from different search engines. Reputation is what makes or breaks the brand. If the word-of-mouth is not positive, people will shy away from the brand and that can seriously hit the ROI. To negate all these issues, ORM services are usually preferred by the brands. There are different software and tools that help in actively managing your reputation. Don’t wonder how, just read the below-given pointers to get the accurate information –

  • Radian6

Your business cannot escape the wide world of Social Media. The Internet combined with Social Media has increased the importance of Online Reputation Management. One of the best tools for social media is Radian6. It can be used for two purposes at once – managing the online reputation of a brand and engaging with the audiences across platforms. If your brand is on the top of its game in social media and people speak about you on a regular basis, then this is the tool you are definitely looking for. It is a paid tool but the cost is minimal as compared to the benefits. It is ideal for large scale monitoring. The benefits include Excel Add-in, Real-time dashboard, and managing an online social conversation.  

  • Brand Grader

As we talked about Radian6 above, which was a paid tool, let’s talk about a free tool here. Everyone loves a free tool. And especially when we talk about Online Reputation Management. A free tool gives you the option of trying something new without shelling out extra money out of your pocket, in case it doesn’t work out the way you wanted it to. The Brand Grader is a tool which gives you a quick overview of the brand within a few seconds. The use is very simple. You just have to select the company or product you want to analyze and you will get to know about different things such as their biggest web influences, major sites which are talking about them, their top sources i.e. whether the mentions come from blogs, images, or news sites and many more things.

  • Reputology

The name says it all – it’s about reputation! Reputology is the tool which many brands use to enhance or maintain their reputation. This tool’s specialty lies in tracking online reviews. It not only tracks reviews from common review platforms such as Google and Facebook reviews but also industry-specific websites such as real estate, hospitality, FMCG etc. In today’s time, reviews play an important role in impacting sales, therefore, this tool is the one you should be investing in. It holds a big advantage in Online Reputation Management – it is location specific. It delivers all the reviews in one place and you also have the option to respond to them.

  • Awario

Awario is a popular social listening tool that lets you monitor what people are saying about you. It lets you track mentions of your brand along with monitoring the competitions all around and find sales opportunities. It also has an additional feature of discovering niche influencers. All of this happens in real-time and you can respond to any query right from the app. This tool is quite popular in Online Reputation Management as it lets you locate the people who are stealing your content. Spotting copyright infringement becomes much simpler with this tool. There are three different plans and you can choose according to your convenience.

  • uberVU

When it comes to accuracy, uberUV is the tool to beat. It is a real-time social media marketing platform that thoroughly analyzes your brand’s social media data and shows detailed insights like influencers, stories, changing trends etc. in real-time. The setup is simple to use as it is designed for daily use. The biggest challenge of using this tool in Online Reputation Management is the cost involved. The basic pack starts at $449 per month which is a lot considering it is just one tool. Before opting to buy it, you can go for its free trial and see if it fits your strategy.

  • Reputation Defender

It’s pretty obvious from the name what this tool does – it defends your reputation. The best part of this tool is that you can use it for your brand as well as personally. Reputation defender helps in removing blemishes from your online presence. It is a paid tool with different options to choose from. If you are looking for a tool with SEO in mind, then Reputation Defender is the best option. It is a personal marketing machine that monitors your reputation and tracks your popularity.

  • Other tools

There are many other tools for Online Reputation Management. One of the interesting ones is Similarweb. It is mainly used as a website ranking site but it also has an enterprise monitoring tool that lets you benchmark your website against the competition for factors such as average time spent on site, bounce rate and page per visit etc. Some of the other bonus tools are – The Website Grader, to evaluate your website, TheMozbar, to assess your website authority and traffic, Go Fish Digital to shows negative reviews of any brand.

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