What are the different types of content writing?

A Digital Marketing agency functions according to the need of the client. The work they do depends on what the client has asked. Some of them may focus on content writing while others may focus on website development or simply social media marketing. The world of digital marketing is vast and there is a lot that can be achieved here. An agency needs to work hard as well as work smart. There will be certain requirements of the clients which should be the priority but an agency needs to let the clients know what they are missing. It may be quality Content Writing as it proves to be very important for any brand.

If we specifically about content writing, then it is a vast field in itself. It directly impacts your digital marketing plans. A content writer has to write according to the demand of the market. They should also keep in mind the kind of audience their brand has. The main aim of these type of services is to either promote an offering of the brand or the brand itself. To keep a brand relevant is also the job of a content writer. As you learn the ways of content writing, you will come to realize that there are different types of writing. It depends on what work you’re doing. Below mentioned are some of the forms which will come handy in future –

  • SEO Writing

SEO writing is one of the most common types of digital writing so we will start with this. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In our country right now, there is a boom for SEO based content writing. The content that is written with SEO is basically in the form of long-form such as blogs, articles, press releases etc. The writer is given a particular set of keywords that must be included in the content. These keywords are easily ranked in Google and if anyone searches these keywords, then the content written by you will be displayed on the top. They should take utmost care of aspects such as word limit, attractive headlines and timely submission.

  • Technical Writing

As the name suggests, it is all about the technical work. The communication made between the brand and the users will be of technical fields such as computer hardware & software, IT, IOT, robotics, finance and similar fields. An everyday example of this type of content writing can be found in the owner’s manuals, handbooks and whitepapers. It is very important to understand that all the writing to be done in this form will be non-personal and done only by doing extensive research on the topic. An expert is needed to understand the lingo, abbreviations and acronyms of this field. Readers should grasp the information at once.

  • Market and communication writing

Next form of content writing is market and communication writing. The first thing to know in this type of writing is to identify who you are writing for. The communication is aimed at whom? You may be talking to customers, suppliers, investors etc all at once and therefore the writing should be done accordingly. Readers don’t have much time on their hands and therefore your content should be engaging enough to hold their attention from the start. The content needs to identify the problem at hand and provide solutions by putting yourself in the customer’s shoes. In the end, there should be a call-to-action as you need to see some kind of desire from their end.

  • Editorial writing

This form of content writing majorly focuses on the work of media. It is a sort of an article that represents the opinion of a media agency on an issue. The content written is the voice of the majority of the people. While writing editorials, you have to keep certain things in mind. You have a responsibility on your hands and your views will influence the general public. If you are taking any issue in your article, you have to give their rational explanation. This becomes even more important of those issues are complex and socially relevant. Your editorials will either explain, criticize, persuade or praise.

  • Report writing

Report writing has a very niche audience for itself. It is written for a specific purpose and targeted at a certain audience only. It is very crucial for you to gauge and comprehend your readers. A structured document is carefully created and that describes the event that happened as exactly as possible with no extra information added just for the sake of entertainment. No matter what kind of report you write, make sure that the tone of your report is always formal. Although, proof-reading and fact-checking is a thumb rule for all types of content writing, but you need to be extra careful when doing report writing.

  • Feature writing

Consider a news story but written in a more elaborate and personalized manner. This is what feature writing is all about. You can also call it as creative journalism. In this important type of content writing, a writer can use all of his/her imagination and produce the content in an inventive and compelling way. Generally, news articles are short and to-the-point but feature articles are dealt with greater depth and length. A lot of research is done before going ahead with the article. Be sure you have sorted the title and how much words you can write.

  • Other types

Another form of content writing is business writing. It is mainly done for marketing communication. A content writer should know how to write sales proposals, memos, official emails and request for proposals etc. Then comes press release writing. It focuses on the recent developments made in the field where you are working. With the changing times, this type of writing focuses on sales and marketing in your content. One more type of writing mentioned in this blog will be of ghostwriting. The content will be written by you but you won’t get its credit.

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