Ways to convert website traffic into leads

The work of a digital agency is very clear and includes an increase in the website traffic. Whenever a brand gets associated with any agency, it has certain expectations in mind. They are shelling out a good chunk of their resources by investing in a digital agency so the expectations are fair. The main aim of any business owner is to see a visible impact in their online space. Right from the website traffic to the leads they receive, everything should be in order. There are various different components of digital marketing such as Content marketing, SEO, SMO, PPC services, etc. With the help of these services, the growth is seen.

Among all these, website traffic also plays an important part. There are millions of users present online and to cater to them, there are thousands of websites. If you search any query on the search engine you will see there are endless results. This tells you about the competition. Everyone is out there to provide you information. This makes it harder for the brands to make themselves more approachable. More the number of people who visit your site better will be the conversion rate. Therefore, you need methods to boost your website traffic. Only when you have considerable traffic, it will turn into a lead. A lot of time and hard work is required to get the traffic and the next step is to convert them into leads. Some of the ways to do it are mentioned below –

  • Landing pages

The importance of landing page is signified as the other name of a landing page is ‘lead capture page’. It is a standalone website page that is created specifically for an advertising campaign. Whenever a user clicks on the optimized Google search, they land on a particularly made page. Landing pages are one of the most effective ways of converting website traffic into a lead. The homepage of a website is not always the first opened page. Emphasis should be made on the quality and design of a landing page. According to stats, a well-made landing page gives the conversion ratio of as high as 50-60 percent at least. The trick is to plan a landing page by using plugins and themes that are accessible in the market. The formation of a landing page has also become simpler. Don’t just trust one landing page. Different people have different taste and more than one page should be designed.

  • Notification bar

What does your website offer that others don’t? Why will people stay on your website? These are some questions whose answers need to kept ready if you want to boost your website traffic and convert them into leads. In a website, this work is done by a notification bar. These bars are not a big part of the website but play an important role. They are designed as an attention-grabbing tool. You can configure it to stay on the top even when you are scrolling down. The relevant information always stays on top. One common strategy used by the web owners is to add an option of subscription to collect information and data.

  • Unblockable pop-up forms

9 out of 10 websites take the use of a pop-up form. Whenever you visit a website, you must have noticed some pop-ups trying to give you some information or asking you to sign-up for something. Now, there is a new type of pop-up window that cannot be blocked by any feature. It is a tool which is loved by every business owner. But you should use it carefully as far as the website traffic goes. Using this tool excessively may annoy your visitors and they may not come back to your site. One clever way of using this pop-up is setting it up when the visitor is leaving the website. A pop-up will appear on the website, thanking them for visiting. This will create a positive image in their mind and they might refer the website to their colleagues.

  • Opt-in forms

Data collection is a process which is desired by every business owner. Have you ever wondered why? Why do people want to collect the data? The answer is simple. The solution is evaluated accordingly. It is done to find the latest trends and the interest of the user. Retargeting is another reason why brands want to invest in collecting data. Website traffic also depends on collecting useful data. The opt-in forms are perfect in the sidebar of any blog area. If you have an offer that is appealing to the users, they will surely opt-in for that. If the offer is great, then around 2-10 percent of the blog traffic can be converted into leads. There are different plugins available if you have a WordPress site. Give opt-in forms a thought and you will not regret it.

  • About Us

The About Us page of a website is not just a page. The home page is usually the page where the user first visits. If the user finds the site to be useful, then he/she explores the About Us and other pages. This encourages the user to trust you. The content shared on this age should be engrossing as well as inspiring. Have a motivational story about yourself, give an impression about your offerings and showcase all your clientele to make a great impression. Having a sign-up page in this section can work for you as the information will be given by people who are interested in your offerings, thus successfully converting website traffic into a lead.

  • Other factors

Having a contact number on your website’s Home Page is another good idea. Users can ask questions directly. They trust you and are impressed by whatever you have to offer. If you give them whatever they require, then the website traffic can easily be converted into a lead and a potential customer. Welcoming redirect is a clever idea. Grabbing the audience’s attention by giving them a free in exchange of registering to the website will give you leads that can later be converted.

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