Understanding a brand with a 360 degree lens!

Any brand image is not just made by one successful ATL campaign or a successful BTL event. Of course, a successful campaign does impact the consumers and creates a brand memory in their mind. But all memories have a prominent attribute in common: memories tend to fade away with time. The only way to make a memory last is to iterate the same brand message repeatedly in all aspects of a consumers’ life. For instance, if a brand philosophy wants to convey the message “ The taste of India” then just stating it through a banner ad or an event will not give the desired impact. However, if the brand represents itself as “The taste of India” on all platforms such as through print, radio, TV, events, exhibitions as well as digitally, the brand philosophy will register in the minds of the consumers and the brand will become synonymous with its philosophy. That’s the beauty and the impact of 360 degree advertising as it helps in building a strong brand identity and brand personality.

What does 360  advertising mean?

360 degree advertising is a consumer-centric approach towards branding. Branding is an effort towards building a brand identity such that the brand is visible to the consumers at all times. Such an approach towards advertising helps to cater to all aspects of consumer needs. This strategy is specifically important when a brand is new or just entering a market as the impact of 360 degree advertising is significant on the recall value of a brand. It increases brand visibility and thus successfully builds a brand image.

The perfect combination: Integrated and Digital Advertising

For a matter of fact, united one stands, divided it falls. The same is true for brands. When all the branding efforts are integrated and unified, it is sure to stand firmly against all the competition and obstacles in the market. However, if the efforts are huge but vaguely distributed and divided among different platforms, it becomes difficult for the consumers to holistically understand the brand philosophy and eventually the brand is unable to withstand the obstacles and earn a place in the minds of the consumers.

360 degree Advertising agency to the rescue!

A 360 degree advertising agency is the perfect investment as it knows how to perfectly utilize the benefits of both Integrated Marketing and Web 2.0 i.e. Digital Marketing. While integrated marketing has a prime focus to use offline tools to create a buzz and top of the mind recall of a brand and integrated communication also ensures that the message is consistent throughout irrespective of the channel, digital marketing ensures that attention
is paid to customer rating and social media as consumers not only remain passive receivers of the brand messages but also begin to interact and respond to the brand message. Thereby, they establish an emotional connect between the consumers and the brand. A 360 degree agency closely analyses different advertising elements like print, radio, TV, email, phone, social media platforms etc and ensures that each of these elements run according to the essence of the brand and the strategy.

Choose a 360 degree agency when your primary concern is holistic brand building and brand personality development. The more the recall value the more your brand will rise. It’s time you wear the 360 degree lenses and see your brand from a new perspective.

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