Trends to look out for in Mobile App Development

Brands have made the best use of technology and have successfully made the transition to Mobile App Development. You can see the example of this in daily lives. Every big name that you hear has an online presence. They are present on every vertical of social media even though it may or may not be relevant. The competition is tough and in order to stay relevant, they have no other means. Their competitor is doing the same exact thing. But now, there has been another significant improvement. Being on the web isn’t the only thing. There have been calls for Mobile App Development. And given the popularity among the general crowd, it is going to become quite huge in the upcoming future.

Right from day 1, customers are given top priority. Their purchasing experience is the main focus and brands have been putting efforts to make it as smooth as possible. And all of this has lead to Mobile App Development. The customers are always on the move and it may not be possible for them to be in touch with their desktop or laptop. This is why the paradigm is shifted. Apps have become the preferred source of purchase. They have all the information a user needs. That is why these apps are important in today’s business environment. There are several trends to look out for in the Mobile App Development in the future. Some of the important ones are mentioned below –

  • Wearable Devices growth

The first thing that comes to the mind while talking about Mobile App Development is wearable devices. The stats are there to prove it. In 2015, 79 million wearable devices were shipped. The numbers rose up to 101 million which shows a staggering growth of 29 percent. Fitbit, MI band and Apple Smartwatch are some of the prime examples of that. These show an upcoming change in the buying process. People are more interested in going for smart things rather than staying basic.

 A new window of opportunity is opened up for the app makers as well as their vendors. And this is where apps will come into play. All these wearable devices will communicate with the help of mobile apps only. Areas such as sport, fitness, lifestyle, and fashion are going to be heavily influenced by these devices in the near future.

  • Internet of Things (IOT)

The concept of the Internet Of Things (IOT) is relatively new but is fast becoming a reality. The adoption rate of IOT is neat. According to the experts, IOT will include more than 34 billion devices by the end of the next year. This figure cannot be ignored. You will be surprised to know that simple device such as LED light bulbs, power sockets, toys, and even medical devices are included in this.

They will become a part of Mobile App Development as they will be operated only with the help of an app. They will act more of a remote control. Microsoft has already started adding IOT to its capabilities. Google isn’t far behind with Nest and Brillo targeting IOT. This shows how important IOT is to the future and how well it can be used.

  • M-commerce

E-commerce took the world by storm when it went full throttle. Paytm and Flipkart are a prime example of that. That time has also evolved now. It is time for M-commerce. The M here stands for Mobile. The future seems bright for m-commerce websites. It is the best time for Mobile App Development as the positive trend is going to take it places. There are going to be no inhibitions in purchasing, at least for the next 5 years. Google Pay is already very famous in India and it’s just a matter of time when Apple Pay become a regular here. When this happens, there will be a need of Mobile App Development. Developers will need to build a mobile app that can process transactions sans any credit or debit card.

  • Location sensing

The use of mobile is not just for sending messages and accepting calls. It has not been like this for a long time. Every smartphone has location sensor capabilities and to provide data from different locations. It is done with the use of multiple positioning methods. In simple words, phones use the Global Positioning System (GPS) to find the location of the device. Providing contextual information is possible when an individual’s location is known. They can easily be used in Mobile App Development. Motion sensing apps are used in security and anti-theft. The whole security sector can benefit a lot with the improvement in app development. In the future, extremely personalized services will be possible by combining mobile apps with precise indoor location sensing.

  • Enterprise Mobile Management

We will first explain what Enterprise Mobile Management is. It is a set of tools that manages and processes mobiles access to data and networks. EMM basically looks at security, application management as well as financial management. These tools are basically new in the market and are only going to grow in scope in the future. These tools will the answer to Mobile App Development as they will answer many different issues in the field of mobile management needs across various Operating Systems on smartphones. There will be a need of apps to control and figure out the type of access given to different individuals at a given time.

  • Other important trends

The importance of Mobile User Experience Design cannot be ignored in this evolving time. Only when the display is effective, the content can add some value. Apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc as founding success because of an impressive user experience design. Mobile App Development will be required to accommodate partial user attention and interruption. Consumer apps understand this and are setting a higher bar for user interface design. Then comes Application Performance Management (APM) which has improved the testing and quality. This tool provides visibility into app behavior about which devices and OS’s are adopted. Be sure to adopt this into your app development strategy.

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