Tips by a Digital Marketing Agency to boost Instagram engagement

The working ways of a Digital Marketing Agency has evolved a great deal. There are new technologies and tools every now then which open a new dimension in the sector of digital. With their use, new possibilities have open up. The growth has been remarkable and businesses are embracing it with open arms. Right from Content Marketing to PPC, separate resources have been allocated to each and every department. One of the rapidly growing vertical is Social Media. If you look at a decent Digital Marketing Agency, you will see that proper attention has been given to Social Media by assigning a competent team.

Social Media has become a potential vertical in enhancing a brand name. Social Media Optimization ensures strong web presence. A whole set of people are introduced to the brand and there is a massive potential in converting them to customers. Promoting of business has become quite simple since the birth of Social Media Optimization. If you ask a Digital Marketing Agency which is the most important Social Media platform, the answer will always be Instagram. When Instagram is used to grow the business, the first thing kept in mind is to build a loyal audience who are interested in what you have to offer and will remain for a long time.

There are several ways to boost Instagram engagement. Following are the tips mentioned by a Digital Marketing Agency to enhance the engagement ratio –

  • Be connected with the followers

This is one of the basic tip or can be considered as a tip. But most of the people don’t take it seriously. If you want to be a social media giant, then take your followers quite seriously. They are the ones who are interested in your offerings. If you are posting something on Instagram, then be ready to answer the queries and questions put by the followers.

One of the better ways is to highlight the questions in the stories. By this way, you can let other know that people are interested in your brand and you care about them by answering to every reply. Reaching your followers shouldn’t be the only aim. You should engage them in activities such as contests and giveaways. Story is another way which lets the follower see everything you have done in last 24 hours. A Digital Marketing Agency keeps this in mind.

  • Keep up with Instagram’s evolving style

A brand has its particular design and logo. A set pattern should be followed everywhere. This gives the feeling of uniqueness. But your style and voice needs to be in sync with Instagram’s in house designs as well as titles. With every update of the app, you need to keep up with the times. It will be a grave mistake if you think that by going with the last year’s trend, you will earn moolah. Followers will lose interest if you become repetitive. For this, a Digital Marketing Agency keeps an eye on the updates and what is currently trending.

  • Promote your content in every platform

Social Media has branched out. There are different platforms where almost everyone is present. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other, users are present almost everywhere. But one thing is common in them – connections. Connections make marketing possible. You have to connect Instagram with other channels and tools if full utilization is to take place.

One of the best use can be by integration of Instagram and Facebook. Ads on Facebook can be used to broadcast the posts on both the platforms. Another in-house feature is to use stories and posts simultaneously. Posts can be highlighted on the story and vice-versa. If there are different platforms integrated in one, a Digital Marketing Agency is profited by mixing the followers.

  • Use ready-to-use templates

Okay, this trick is a secret. Consider this as a Diwali Gift from my end! One basic issue that arises is of being a pro photographer or a ‘pro-grapher’ as I like to call. People think only professionals can succeed on this platform. But this is not true. A good Digital Marketing Agency knows that there are many tools present which tweak your content in more than presentable manner. Some of the great examples are Spark Post, Canva and Venngage. They are incredibly powerful when crafting attractive visuals. Going with the template is always a great idea. You can go with plain or patterned background, according to the requirement. For a small community of fans, things like this matter greatly. Next time, do give this feature a try and thank us later.

  • Repost content from your niche (Conditions Apply)

This tip comes with a condition apply tag. Reposting isn’t something done by every one due to ethical or other means. If you are okay with it, then it is definitely going to help you. You might be busy in dong other things that there might not be time to post regularly. But you need not worry about it anymore. With the help of repost app, you can legally post other content that you like by giving proper credits.

Finding the content is very easy too. As a Digital Marketing Agency, advice to every brand is to follow hashtags and discover quality content. You can save the best posts in collection box and can easily select out of them all.

  • Reward active followers

As mentioned above, followers are the most important part in Social Media. They are the judge and jury. Its of vital importance to attend them. But as there is competition all around, it becomes difficult for a Digital Marketing Agency to do that. As they have so many options, it is advisable to grasp their attention by rewarding their continuous and active support. User interaction is enhanced by giveaways. Be clear of what the deal is and how the followers will be benefited by participating in that giveaway. Word-of-mouth can also attract other users too.

These are some of the tips which are regularly used by everyone who wants to succeed in Social Media because after all, Digital Marketing will remain incomplete without Social Media Optimization.

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