Simple steps in performing SEO Audit

In the vast world of Digital Marketing, the trends change every now and then. It is important to keep up with them if you want to be ahead of the competition. If you want to succeed, then proper attention should be given to SEO. One thing which every Digital Marketing Agency understands is the importance of SEO in online business. Not focusing on it means you will lag far behind. When it comes to Inbound marketing, more than 60 percent marketers prefer it. It can be tricky to start. But one thing is sure – you cannot ignore it at any cost.

The most simple and convenient way to start is by SEO audit. It helps you in knowing the current rank of your site and what all can be done to improve it. A competent Digital Marketing Agency knows the importance of it as it takes less time but the result is quite significant. Keyword stuffing, multiple setup of pages, use of multiple micro sites to drive up traffic etc are a thing of the past. The criteria as well as the ranking factors have changed dramatically. Crawling plays a huge part and determine the ranking of the page. Regular update of the content is a must. As 60 percent of the searches happen on mobiles, Google has changed its algorithm too.

Keeping every bit of information in mind, there are different steps taken by a Digital Marketing Agency –

  • Start the audit with crawling

Crawling is considered as the most important step in audit. Before doing anything else, start with crawling. But you also need to understand what crawling is. It is a process in which Google ‘bots, or ‘spiders’ analyzes all the content and code. Additionally, it also helps in diagnosing duplicate content and excess redirects. With the help of Google Search Console, you can also get to know how frequently Google crawls your website.

A Digital Marketing Agency engage in crawling with the help of different tools like Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool, SEMrush, Ahrefs, DeepCrawl etc. Not only are these some of the leading tools used in the industry but also provide a terrific platform for you to get started. Extra benefits of crawling include identification of broken links, bad keywords, poor images, title issues etc.

  • Only one version of your site should be browseable

Your website has different versions. It is of utmost importance to use the right ones. Only one version of your site should be browseable. Considering all the permutations of the URL is the right way to go ahead. If there are more than one version of your website, you are not giving the ideal message to crawl your website. Crawlers are just bots without any intelligence associated with them. They don’t know which version is the right one. This will negatively impact the ranking your SEO ranking as the search engine don’t know how to present your website to the users. A Digital Marketing Agency is wary of this and works accordingly.

  • On-page SEO checks

Optimization of the site requires completion of different processes. All of them are necessary when it comes to SEO. There are various checks done in order to do that. You can begin by looking for duplicate pages, headers and title tags. There can be some confusion if the content you have published is of similar theme. A possibility of showing up of unrelated content while crawling is there. But fret not. Your Digital Marketing Agency knows how to handle that. The problem arising from duplicate data can be solved by using tools such as Copyscape. Some of the other things you can focus on are – age of the page, keyword in domain name, meta description etc.

  • Management of internal and external links

Improving SEO rankings is done by going ahead with the logical hierarchies. This is done by thoroughly checking internal as well as external links. When the web pages are moved or even deleted, broken links are created. There are tools like Integrity which helps in identification of the broken links. The best part is the simplification of the use of these tools. You have the option of viewing the results by link, page, status, or flat view. A Digital Marketing Agency use this process to comprehend the results in a smooth manner.

  • Check the speed of your site

One of the very basic yet important thing to note is the speed of the site. Users that visit your website have the option of other sites too. One of the reasons why they come to you is because of the ease of loading the page. You don’t want to make them wait. Longer wait period will reflect in the bounce rate. More the page load time, more will be the bounce rate. To check the speed of the site, every Digital Marketing Agency takes help of Google’s PageSpeed Insights. It tells you how your site is performing against the competitors and how the rankings can be improved.

  • Use of analytics

Reporting of live metric data is also essential. A Digital Marketing Agency does this with the help of Google Analytics. If the reporting is successful, it means the code is installed correctly. Remember one thing – the tracker code should be placed above the header of each web page. The metrics can then be checked with the help of ‘The Mozbar’. This tool exactly gives you various SEO details of web pages. Additionally, Google Analytics also help is assessing the page’s bounce rate.

  • Backlink Audit

Last but not least, backlinks are the backbone of SEO. It helps in knowing the search engines if the page is relevant and to what extent it will be helpful to the user. As the crawling of the site is also done for brand mentions, attention should be paid to both on and off site. Backlink audits also help in identifying the areas where focus can be shifted on getting more high value links.

The best part about these steps is that a competent Digital Marketing Agency completes this whole process in an hour. If you are consistent with the process, the results will be better than ever.

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