Simple steps in integrating hardware of a smartphone in a mobile app

A Digital Marketing Agency understands the importance of technology. In fact, no one understands it better than them. The process of incorporating it in our daily lives has been very smooth. It is not just limited to working on our system and taking full use. Now, mobile phones are laced up with latest technology and all the work that is possible in desktop can now be completed in mobile. In fact, there has been a continuous rise of mobile users and the trend is not going to stop anywhere in future. If stats are to be believed, mobile apps are rising the charts as far as digital marketing is considered. But there are certain things that need to be considered when exploring the idea of building a mobile app.

Before starting with anything, a Digital Marketing Agency needs to fulfill a particular purpose. There should be an audience out there who will embrace and the app and enhance the ROI. To ward of the competition, there is need of creating unparalleled experience. This creates a loyal user base which will stick to you no matter what. One of the better ways to do this is to take use of the already existing tools and hardware and integrate them with into the functioning of the mobile app.

Some of the tips mentioned by a credible Digital Marketing Agency are as follows –

  • Camera

As the culture of taking pictures of their own and the surrounding is increasing, it isn’t a bad idea at all to invest in this feature. A Digital Marketing Agency understands the power of camera and wants to use this feature increasingly. There are already different apps such as Snapchat, Instagram etc. which focus on photo content and allow them to dive into extra features of the app. The use of camera is not just limited to this. Apps such as Dineout helps you in saving money by clicking the picture of the bill and uploading it on their website. With the use of camera, one can perform different task making it convenient and helps in financial savings too.

  • Touch ID

Along with the use of camera, Touch ID is a feature that is now found in every mobile. Ever since Motorola came up with this feature, it is now considered a basic requirement in almost every smartphone. Businesses were not far behind in using this feature to their benefit. Heavy usage of this feature is now seen in banking sector. Different banks now ask for fingerprints before moving ahead with the use of the app. In some of them, logging in is possible only when you have used the Touch ID feature. A Digital Marketing Agency understands this fact quite nicely.

  • Microphones

Microphones are not new or something that revolutionized the mobile industry. But the use cannot be sidelined. Traditionally, they have been used for hands free calling and asking questions to virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, Cortana etc. This feature has been smartly used by apps to learn a new language and every Digital Marketing Agency is keeping an eye on it. There is an app by the name of Wireless Mic which allows the smartphone to be used as a wireless microphone. It also has use in leisure activities like Karaoke. When used properly, Microphone can come in very handy.

  • GPS

Everybody must have heard about GPS. But few people know that it is the property of US government. It doesn’t mean that nothing more than getting directions can be done from that. Food delivering apps are using it judiciously now to give option to the customer of tracking food. They can just open the app and track the live location of the delivery guy. Every Digital Marketing Agency is also aware that GPS isn’t just limited to this. Millennial are heavily focused on games like Pokemon Go. There have been more than a million downloads of this game from the app store.

  • Keyboards

Since the use of the first mobile phone, way before a smartphone was invented, keyboards have been an integral part. They were not advanced but the use was heavy. The same can also be said for smartphones now. The basic and common use include dialing numbers and sending text messages But the sudden rise in use of Emoji has become a blessing for app developers as dedicated apps are now made for this use. Options like Gif keyboards and numerous Emoji allow you to switch back and forth. Without putting load on RAM, many features are explored. One more advantage of integrating hardware, as mentioned by a good Digital Marketing Agency is the use of different languages. More than hundred different languages are available. This has made communication capability more diverse than before.

  • Bluetooth

Bluetooth is an automatic choice in this blog. The importance of Bluetooth an be judged from the fact that the iPhones are now loaded up with its compatibility. This change in paradigm shows how serious people are to use this feature. It can be called as the future of mobile apps and that can be seen by the efforts put by a Digital Marketing Agency. One of its biggest use is in the audio sector. How users consume their audio content will be largely in the hands of Bluetooth is the near future. If you want your mobile app design to stand out, make sure to invest in In-app options that allow you to hook up to bluetooth devices.

  • Flashlight

Last but not least, flashlight also features in this blog but a Digital Marketing Agency needs to be careful about building apps that uses flashlight. One thing to keep in mind is that there should be minimal permissions to seek personal information. Color flashlight is one such app that takes judicious use of this fact. Flashlights of various colors and shapes are shown with this app. It has now become a norm of incorporating flashlight in every smartphone. It will be interesting to see how the app developers use this feature in the future.

These were some of the tools already present in the phone that can be easily and profitably used in integrating in a mobile app.

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