SEO Trends that will dominate this year

You cannot stay away from Digital Marketing. It doesn’t matter if you are into marketing or not. The only thing that matters is if you are online. Times have changed. The way how to access things is controlled. The Internet is filled with all the remarkable things and what makes it remarkable is the fact how well it has been controlled. There is infinite data present on the world wide web. The way how it is accessed is controlled by Digital Marketing. Business owners are fully aware of it. They realize the importance of this form of marketing and have started to allocate a good chunk of the budget in it. One of the most important aspects of this marketing is SEO.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an integral part of Digital Marketing that enhances the online visibility of a web page. The content that you have with you is optimized in such a way that the search engine shows it as a top result. The primary aim of SEO is to be ahead of the competition and feature higher on the search list. Just like Digital Marketing in general, there are trends that keep on changing and evolving in this vertical too. You have to adopt them as soon as possible otherwise you are going to perish. This year is very exciting for SEO as many new breakthroughs are waiting to happen. These will determine how well your overall strategy is –

  • Ascend of voice search

Voice search is one of those tools that have prioritized human convenience. In the point of view of the consumer, the whole concept of Digital Marketing is to minimize the effort. Voice search is exactly doing that. It has increasingly become an essential part of search engines. The stats have a similar story to tell. According to a study, the average voice search result page loads in 4.6 seconds which is 52 percent faster than the average rate. If an advancement is to be made in SEO, then it is of high importance to target voice search. Google’s voice search algorithm may use PageSpeed. It is used as a key ranking signal. The ranking is directly related to the page load speed. More the speed, better will the chances of ranking it higher.

  • Chatbots, AI and everything related to them

Chatbots, along with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) has become a lot better in recent times. With the help of them, users are now connected to the brands 24/7. This was not possible in earlier times. AI technology is used by big names such as Google to interact with the people. Alexa, Siri, Cortana have become a common part of our lives. When we talk about SEO point of view in Digital Marketing, then it allows more automation to a website. The users will be provided with a guide that gives them an option to navigate further on a website. They can also impact the buying decision which enhances the conversion rate. This shows the importance of Chatbots and AI.

  • Original content

In Digital Marketing, the need for quality content has been there since day one. Every year, its the similar story – back your website with the help of strong and authentic content that will hold and engage the users. But the main question is, how to bring users to the website. The most plausible way is in the form of content. SEO works most closely with the content team. A lot of SEO work is dependent on the quality of the content. It has become all the more important as the recent Google Algorithm stamps that only the quality content will be prioritized higher on the search engine. Better the content quality better will be the website rank.

  • Focus on Social Media

Almost every blog explains how Social Media has become an imperative part of our daily lives. We have an identity in at least one of the social media channel. This is where users are spending their time. If a user is to be tapped, Social Media should be one of the first places to be targeted. Some may argue that SEO and Social Media are two different segments and are true in thinking that but they shouldn’t forget that both of them have overlapping goals. Social engines are slowly turning into valuable search engines. You cannot invest in SEO without investing in Social Media. Make sure your Digital Marketing strategy is also in align with this fact.

  • Let Snippet have a major say

Users are only going to see what you are showing to them. This is how Digital Marketing works. You have the power in your hands. Snippet helps you massively in that. A snippet is required if you want the search engine to understand what kind of information a particular page contains. Consider it as a result that Google shows to the user in the search result. It shows the title page as well as the description. Additional information can be added by entering some additional information. They are ideally 40-60 words long.

  • Add LSI Keywords in the content

Keywords and Content go hand-in-hand. The content is SEO friendly only when it has a specific number of keywords in it. This year, content that has LSI keywords in it will become popular. It is to be understood what these keywords are. Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) are keywords which contain synonyms as well as specific words that occur when a topic is written about. To help the content rank better, addition of LSI keywords is a must. It helps Google understand the content in a more efficient way.

  • Amazon search

When we talk about SEO, the only thing that comes to the mind is Google and there is nothing wrong with that. But your efforts shouldn’t only be limited to Google. Digital Marketing strategies have also identified Amazon as a major player. For many businesses, Google isn’t the only place to sell. Amazon has become a major leader in an online transaction. A project page on Amazon means that you want the customer to see your product in the top which means the use of SEO.

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