Role of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing Agency

If we look back at the history, then marketing can be dated as late as twentieth century. It was in early 1950’s when the businesses started to take it seriously. For a term which isn’t even a century old, marketing has done a commendable job in strengthening its foothold. Throughout the history, it has evolved at a rapid base and there is no sign of stopping. This is the age of digital and marketing has adjusted to it very well. When everything is turning digital, how can social media stay behind. This has meant that the strategies has changed and there is now need to capture the audience who are dominating the digital market. Now, we have gone one step ahead and amalgamated Artificial Intelligence in this sector.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is defined as the sub-field of computer science which emphasizes on the creation of the human like intelligence in machines. AI is associated with computer or robots performing tasks which are usually associated with human beings. Ten years back, if someone had told us that AI will play an important role in digital marketing, then we would have laughed it off. Its quite commendable how far ahead technology has gone.

Take an example of any Digital Marketing Agency and you will see them using AI to the core. The ease of which we have welcomed it is one of the reasons why it is getting so famous. There are various different tools which are the need of the hour of every digital marketer but the outcome has not always been true to the effort put. This is where AI helps in making the life easier of a digital marketer.

Data is everywhere. It is present in different forms and being asked to get used. As more data is being created in immeasurable quantity, everything can get complicated if there is no system or knowledge of how to use that data. A good Digital Marketing Agency uses it effectively to help the brand. AI helps in understanding a heap of data. Not only the data is analyzed but also understood. After all, this is the major role played by AI. One of the things which AI offers is personalization. Every user wants to feel important. It plays an important role in taking user experience to the next level. This is only possible by analyzing the data which is in big numbers.

For a marketer, AI makes every dream come true. When there is heaps of data arranged in a particular manner, it becomes easier to formulate a strategy. Digital Marketing Agencies are taking full benefit of AI. Lets take a look how this is done –

  • Targeting potential customers

Huge sets of data is being analyzed before making a strategy. At every single step, these strategies reduce the unwanted part and are customized according to the user’s needs. There are smart ads which target the users who search some particular queries. With the help of AI, it has become highly effective in knowing what the customers want.

  • Improvement in search engine searches

Search Engines weren’t as smooth as they are now. AI enabled marketing has made them smart and hassle free. The results generated through it are highly accurate and it can easily track search queries, navigation processes and purchase patterns. One such example of this is Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) which generates keywords which are more relevant. For ex – ‘Google’ and ‘Android’. Both of them are different words but many times used together.

  • Customized user exeperience

As the user base is growing, the potential of a customer is also increasing. All that is needed is catering to their needs. This is done effectively with the help of AI. Smart Digital Marketing Agencies provide the website with chat interface. It allows the customer to chat directly with the agent. The advantage of AI based chatbots is that they can hand multiple requests at a time and are available 24/7. But they need to be enhanced by learning the language in order to give convincing responses.

  • Improvement in Return On Investment

The primary aim of any business is to get optimum Return On Investment (ROI). AI makes it possible with the help of analytics and smart digital campaigns. With the help of Machine Learning, an application of Artificial Intelligence, identification of the patterns & trends in behavior and improvement from that experience is possible. Amalgamation of AI and digital marketing has ensured multi-layer strategies. It has a direct impact on customer experience as they receive the exact information they asked for. It takes them ahead on the next stage of the buying journey.

  • Breakthroughs in AI

The best part about AI is that it hasn’t stopped evolving. The idea to accumulate and gather information from it has already made the lives of Digital Marketing Agencies easier. AI has integrated with different field of studies that has made it easier for the marketers to incorporate them. For ex – Natural Process Learning (NLP) is the field that focuses on the ability of a computer to learn and process a human language. This has helped brands to understand customers on a larger scale rather than just local entities. Similarly, there is Semantic Analysis. It is an important part of NLP, which helps in extracting relevant information from heaps of unstructured data. Not only a lot of time is saved but also inconvenience is avoided.

Even the field of Content Marketing is not left out. AI generated content helps in scaling up content marketing. One of the famous Natural Language Generation (NLG) engine, Wordsmith, has the ability to turn data into text in any format and language. Another example is Acrolinx. It is an AI-powered tool which creates content for big brands like Facebook, IBM, Nestle, Caterpillar etc.

To summarize, AI has just begun its journey. The use of AI in Digital Marketing has been extensive and it isn’t stopping just yet. In the next few years, it is going to spread out and help marketers to explore different possibilities.

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