Reach Your Target: Hit Below the Line

Advertising is particularly aimed at influencing the consumer and inducing purchase behavior. BTL advertising is a less conventional form of advertising but has a deep hard-hitting impact when the purpose of advertising is to communicate directly with the consumer. It is primarily a form of one to one communication between the business and the consumer.

BTL advertising has recently become a popular trend because of the fact that the consumers are over-stuffed and continuously encountering numerous brands of products/ services and their advertisements. Each ad struggles to communicate and interact with the consumer. BTL activities help you to strengthen your brand communication and provide context to the consumers regarding the brand campaign.

BTL activities such as in store promotions, events, ground activation enable the consumers to touch, feel and communicate with a brand before they purchase it. The ability of BTL advertising to connect the brand with the consumers and help them to not just see a brand but holistically experience it. This increases the recall value of a brand and builds an emotional connect with the brand thereby increasing consumer loyalty.

The benefits of BTL advertising include:

  • Customisation: Customization of target audience even on the individual level is possible. If the information being given about a brand is customized according to the needs of different consumers, customisation will lead to a positive brand perception and yield greater sales.
  • Deep Impact: The more personalised a brand communication is to the individual consumer, the deeper will be the impact of the promotion. A connect is established through below the line advertising which enables the consumers to relate with the brand on a deeper level.
  • Precision: Some audiences are difficult to reach through direct advertising. Precision is achieved through BTL advertising.
    BTL advertising believes that any and every space is an opportunity to advertise. From cupboards to lifts from cricket fields to escalators in malls, every space can be creatively molded to turn it into an opportunity to advertise a brand. Such advertising increases the recall value of any brand as the means of imparting the information is unusual and queer and thus registers instantly in the minds of the consumer. Such advertising is thus receiving increased attention as brands are now competing to capture the minds of consumers in various different yet creatively interesting ways.

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