Predictions of How Digital Marketing will transform in 2019

Ask any Digital Marketing Agency and you will get to know how vast the digital world is. Once you get into it, there is no stopping. At no moment in time, can you will fully educated as there are new advances every now and then. There are different aspects which a Digital Marketing Agency needs to keep in mind. Technology is not going to stop advancing. If you want to benefit from it, all you need to do is embrace the technology and walk along with it. Be it Content, SEO, SMO, PPC or designing services, you will find updates very often. It may be difficult to comprehend them initially but once they are incorporated, you will understand the ease of using them.

But how does a Digital Marketing Agency prepares itself for these changes. The most important thing to do is to make sure that you have a competent team that is not afraid of change and can be up to the challenges thrown to them. Just like every year, 2019 is going to bring a whole lot of changes for a Digital Marketing Agency and there are some key aspects which will change the face of digital marketing. There are many predictions made for the future of marketing in 2019 but some of the essential points are described below –

  • Transparency

To be honest, there are other aspects which are considered more important than Transparency but this point needs to be described for the betterment of a Digital Marketing Agency. Ethics are as important as revenue and therefore transparency plays an important role in the functioning of an agency. Many big brands has cut down on their marketing budget because of ineffective ads and lack of transparency. Agencies don’t understand that being transparent is going help to help them in the long run. It is important for the client and the brand to be on the same page and in 2019, only the transparent ones will be considered as the leaders of the pack.

  • Artificial Intelligence

This is one of the most obvious points to be made for the future of a Digital Marketing Agency. AI is the future and it is present everywhere. Different business owners are adapting methods to incorporate AI in their marketing. And why not when it has the capability to do any and everything. If you want to identify the behavior of your customers and the pattern of their search queries, there is nothing better than AI. In fact, Facebook and Google Adwords have already started to use it. They find users who are more likely to perform actions as desired by the advertiser. Another area where AI is going to dominate is chatbot. Be it WhatsApp, Facebook or any other platform, it is going to be there.

  • Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Advertising isn’t a new term for a Digital Marketing Agency. If we describe the working of programmatic advertising, then it allows the brands to approach the customers in real time. It has become cheaper and swifter for the brands to buy ads for the advertisers. But how is it possible? All of it is the work of algorithm. Programmatic uses algorithm efficiently to position an ad in a better way, thereby saving time and money. The future of this type of advertising looks highly promising. It can be directly used by the brands to target the loyal customers by showing the personalized ads. This will lure the customers to use their products and regularly.

  • Video Marketing

The rise of social media has brought in a new culture and it goes by the name of video marketing. People have started to make videos frequently. They have started to chronicle their daily lives in the form of video and post it on different channels. A good brand will hire a Digital Marketing Agency to take full use of this. If stats are to be believed, then 70 percent of people have shared a brand’s video at least once in their life. If we look at the point of view of an agency, then businesses have also seen good results. Around 3/4th of them have seen improvement in businesses with video marketing. Be it Facebook Live or WhatsApp stories or Instagram’s IGTV, video is present everywhere.

  • Influencer Marketing

Influencer is a word which has a lot of responsibility attached to it. Influencers are used by the brands to attract customers. People with more than 100,000 followers generally come in this category. They talk positively about your brand and users get to know about the brand name. But 2019 is going to bring a change in this trend. As it has become quite easy for people to buy followers, a Digital Marketing Agency will emphasize on reach rather than the number of followers. More the reach of the influencer, better will be the chance of succeeding.

  • Messaging apps

The craze of social media is not just limited to Instagram and Facebook. There are other apps which has been benefited by the onslaught of digital marketing. Being active on Social Media apps just for messaging friends has become the thing of past. Look at the stat of Facebook Messenger – more than 1.3 billion monthly users are actively present. The same figure is also for WhatsApp. This shows the popularity of these channels and how they are leading people to spend more time there. In the long term, these ads will thrive on ads without charging the users anything.

  • Image search

When everything is evolving, how can Google be left behind. Google is the most preferred search engine and is likely to consolidate its place in 2019 too. All of this has been possible because Google knows the importance of evolving with the technology. Image search is a feature where a user uploads an image to search and get specific results. In future, a Digital Marketing Agency will benefit when Google integrates visual search in Google Maps. A feature known as ‘Google Lens’ identifies objects with the help of camera. For now, it is only limited to Pixel phones but in 2019, this feature is expected to roll out in more phones.

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