How to do Inbound Marketing in a Digital Marketing Agency

A Digital Marketing Agency has to fulfill many roles. The world of digital is quite large and you have to make sure about each one of them. The content needs to be curated according to the preference of your client. It may be niche or may cater to different segments. But one thing is constant – Quality. The quality is only going to take you forward. With many agencies setting up every day, getting ahead of the competition is the sure shot way of success. One of the most important components is Inbound Marketing. The success rate of Inbound Marketing is high and that is why preferred by everyone.

With the advent of newer technologies, Inbound Marketing is being used by every good Digital Marketing Agency. Cost-effectiveness and success percentage makes it a potent service. It attracts the attention of the potential customer even before they have made their mind to buy. It also makes them come back for more. Unlike outbound marketing techniques such as Cold-Calling, Spam Mails, Sales Fliers etc, inbound marketing targets the potential customers by giving them want they really want. It comprises of techniques such as Social Media, SEO, Whitepapers, Blogs, Podcasts etc. All of them have been quite successful in doing that.

There are certain things which every Digital Marketing Agency needs to consider when it comes to Inbound Marketing. There strategies helps in creating a solid platform for the overall growth. Some of them are mentioned below –

  • Focus on Facebook Page Insights

It is the most solid platform to understand the target consumer. Ever since Facebook Insights have become popular, many agencies have benefited from it. It is a very simple-to-use yet effective form of understanding the demographics that explains almost every customer. There are various different things which are found from Insights. Factors such as Age, gender, location etc tells exactly which section of the population to target. The content is created to appeal those who truly affects your business.

  • Understand the current customer and leads

Ask Any Digital Marketing Agency about Inbound Marketing techniques and everyone of them will tell you to understand the current customers and leads. The best way to understand them is through a survey. It is a very simple process which is further helped by the use of previously compiled E-mail list. The main aim is to understand what problems are faced by the customers and what all solutions can be presented to them.

  • In-depth Interviews

The next step of a Digital Marketing Agency is to find out more about the problems and struggles of the consumer. A survey tells you about the general problem but covers only the outside problems To get the in-depth knowledge, personal interviews should be conducted. Seeking out individuals is a solution to know about the specific problem. It can be done over phone calls or a video chat, whichever is convenient to both the parties. It will be also helpful to know what all strategies have been tried earlier but weren’t particularly successful.

  • Content is the king

Be it any form of advertising or any vertical of marketing a Digital Marketing Agency knows that nothing beats the importance of good content. It is the most important aspect of digital marketing as content has the potential to every one. You just have to prioritize it and make it reach the right set of audience. You should be aware of not producing generic content and instead focus on attracting the audience with to the point information. Just remember to adapt the content according to the client needs and give them what they need.

  • Begin with a great headline

Capturing the audience’s attention is a tough nut to crack. And there is nothing better than a catchy headline. If you see the example of a good Digital Marketing Agency, you will understand that headlines are given special attention. They understand its importance and craft it nicely. New traffic is heavily influenced by the use of proper headlines and important in increasing the traffic.

  • Use of GIF and video in the content

The content is data driven and everyone is aware of that. Every Digital Marketing Agency knows this and devoting extra time in making content that is suitable for everyone but you can go ahead by incorporating different things in your content such as GIF, video etc. It is the basic human behavior to be curious about visuals and other type of media. To make your content appealing, add different forms of media and don’t just limit the content to text.

  • Lengthy and data driven articles

When it comes to writing articles, there has been significant development over the few years. The appropriate length of the articles have increased and instead of writing short ones, you should do extensive research and fill your article with in-depth content. This facts holds true for any mode of content. If you are going for videos, then 10 minute should be the ideal duration. A good Digital Marketing Agency understands this and does not ignore it.

  • Give attention to guest posting

As a Digital Marketing Agency, you need to constantly engage in guest posting. Your current user base is interested in what you show to them but you can expand this base by targeting other blogs. Guest Posting is a great way to do that. Before that, you need to be credible. Your previous blogs should be engaging and good in numbers. Then only you will be considered as a prestigious guest blogger.

  • Optimization of keywords on each page

Today’s search driven marketplace is very much dependent on the proficient knowledge of SEO. In fact, a Digital Marketing Agency can grow only if it is competent to do SEO. There are many different ways to improve your search engine results but one of the basic one is keyword optimization. A list of specific keywords should be compiled to target your client. This trick attracts quality visitors to your site and enhances the visibility too.

When doing inbound marketing, these tricks are surely going to affect you and should be used to make your business better than the rest.

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