How to achieve measurable revenue in a Digital Marketing Agency

In this era of technology, the time spent on any activity is fairly reduced by a Digital Marketing Agency. They have the means of different tools to gauge the performance of every activity. There are difference activities that are needed to run a successful campaign. There was a time when all the lead generated metrics were providing the data and you were elated with this breakthrough advancement. But they were not able to find the impact made by the data you can track. This problem is also now of the post. You have the means of measuring the revenue directly linked to the marketing efforts.

If you look that the marketing agencies from the era gone by, you will notice that the goal of those agencies was also to enhance the brand image which also impacts the overall revenue. The only difference is the space where the marketing takes place. Nothing is better than a Digital Marketing Agency and you have to understand how to measure the achievable revenue. It’s specially important in these times when knowing only the number of leads is deemed unimportant. You have to know how much sales is generated from them. There are various ways to achieve this and all of them are mentioned below –

  • Understand the user

The first thing any Digital Marketing Agency needs to do it understand what the user wants. This is the basic step and no strategy should be built without this. The buyers have the understanding of the products and services as the details of the products are out in the open for everybody to read. Right from social media to blogs to webinars, they are active in all the different platforms. They know what type of solution is ideal for them. And this should be very well known by the Digital Marketing Agency. The new buyer should be embraced as it will be easier to track the revenue with this way.

  • Keep an eye on the purchasing cycle

The revenue cycle is proper and a long one. It starts from the first interaction with the brand and ends at by seeing the effect on the total revenue. But before revenue gets influenced, there is need of understanding what the purchasing process. It is ably done with the help of CRM. It perfectly balances sales and marketing which means that both of the are equally accountable for tracking the revenue. This will help you in showing which part of your sales initiatives are taking off and which ones aren’t.

  • Alignment of team

The success of any organization has been pinned down to team work. If you work in an organization, then co-related departments should be encouraged to work together. This holds true in a Digital Marketing Agency too. Marketing as well as sales team should work together to find a common solution. Both of them should collaborate for the success of the campaign. Not being in sync is the most common mistake that happens. All the terminologies and methods should be same. More importantly, the communication should be proper.

  • Zero out the best tools

The growth in marketing also means that a plethora of tools are now available in the market. Tools in content hubs and social media listing platforms are expensive as well as fragmented. A streamlined method is desired for seamless revenue tracking in a Digital Marketing Agency. The need of the hour is a CRM solution that has the capability to perform all the tasks and collect data that matters the most. You only need the help of the team to segment the leads and determine the campaign which is most suitable for it.

  • Integration of conversational user interface

In the end, it is all about the consumer. The consumer should be the kept in mind before going ahead with any strategies. And helping the consumer with answers at the exact moment is used by every Digital Marketing Agency. Siri, Cortana, Alexa etc are being incorporated in everyday lives. They are activated with the help of voice and and you can converse with them. If you have a website, then there can be nothing better than the chatbot. It is an excellent solution which if added properly will help you in achieving measurable revenue.

  • Use Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is being lapped up by anyone who seems it convenient to incorporate it anywhere and no Digital Marketing Agency is left behind. The biggest benefit of AI is to build personalized marketing strategy. With the help of machine learning and data analysis, AI predicts what the customer wants and how you can provide it without using much of your resources. Indirectly, it helps you in achieving measurable revenue indirectly. According to a survey, more than 98 percent of the companies foresee the benefits of AI for their marketing strategies.

  • Focus on client onboarding process

The whole process of onboarding a new client should be done properly. Shortcuts and deviation from proper process should be avoided. This makes the relationship with client effective and fuss-free. Client who has partnered with your Digital Marketing Agency may not know much about marketing. There should be proper communication with the client to filter all the problems. You should be able to present yourself in a proper manner. You may include company manifesto, scope of projects, presentation of how you can help the brand name etc. This will help in creating trust in the mind of the client.

  • Review your processes

Digital Marketing Agency has come into being because of the rapid growth an evolution. You need to evolve even now. This is done by reviewing your current process. This will tell you how to create analyze the current processes and come up with the ways that can improve the new ones. Then, testing of the new process is the way to go ahead. This is done to tweak the existing ones. The final step in this stage is to evaluate the process. Always growing is the motto which will take you ahead.

Only when you have the methods to achieve measurable revenue, you can truly gauge the success of your agency and beat the competition.

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