How SEO will shape in 2019

If you do a Google search, you will find that a Digital Marketing Agency is present till the 10th page of the search result. This shows the growing need of marketing in today’s time. As everything is going digital, its importance for brands to have online presence. Your competitors are already doing this and if you want to be relevant, its high time you also do that. In the description you will see every agency classifying itself as the best but that is not the case. As you search for the best Digital Marketing Agency, you should look for the one which will be able to provide you customized solutions.

There are different components when it comes to Digital Marketing. Content Development Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Optimization etc. make up the Digital world. SEO is another vertical which cannot be ignore. A good Digital Marketing Agency emphasize on SEO in a serious manner. SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is considered as one of the most effective techniques in increasing traffic to a website. If the website has good SEO, then it will get better ranking in the search engine resulting in more clicks. But you need to understand one thing about SEO. The trends keep on changing rapidly.

Keeping an eye on the future, the trends of 2019, as mentioned by a Digital Marketing Agency are as follows –

  • Importance of RankBrain

I am pretty sure you haven’t heard the name of RankBrain but every Digital Marketing Agency is closely monitoring it. It is an artificial learning system which helps Google process some of its search results and is also helpful in ranking web pages. According to Google, RankBrain ranks third on the importance of the ranking factor. The word brain is quite important in this!

A relevant search result in 4th rank is consequently ranked higher than the 2nd rank. If the bounce rate of 2nd ranker is higher, then it will be booted from its position. Its simple – people will stay for longer time only if they like what the site has to offer. Google will notice it and improve its rank. You can ask any Digital Marketing Agency and you will see the attention given to Rankbrain nowadays.

  • Be a master of CTR

Click Through Rate (CTR) is a potent weapon of any Digital Marketing Agency. A PPC campaign is directly involved CTR. It is considered as a commonly used measurement tool for gauging the success of any online campaign. And if you want to do well in SEO, you need to master CTR. For that, you need to keep in mind the Google Algorithm and rank higher. Higher the rank, higher will be the CTR. One way to do that is to give importance to snippets. Snippets are some words that you read just below the SERP result title. Allocate a bit of resources to write clever and engaging snippets so that people are compelled to click to the website.

  • Content is the ultimate king

When it comes to Digital Marketing, there is nothing more obvious than this line – Content is the ultimate king. Right from the time when even the oldest Digital Marketing Agency was a newbie to the foreseeable future, content is always relevant. It has been the mainstay of every strategy and will remain so in 2019 too. Google rank the pages according to the relevancy of the content. Keyword plays an important role in content but the top ranking pages cover in-depth content. One of the tips is to publish content that is at least 2000 word long. It may sound too lengthy but that is the trend.

  • Focus on mobile first index

Mobile first indexing is the term which came to limelight in early 2018 and going to play a role in a Digital Marketing Agency. Today, more than 60 percent of the search results are from a mobile device and it becomes obvious and Google has started to consider the mobile version of your site as the preferred version. It isn’t up and running for everyone yet but as 2019 approaches, you cannot ignore it at any cost. Th content across the desktop as well as mobile should be consistent.

  • Give priority to Video

SEO’s working in a Digital Marketing Agency have now realized that large number of links are not enough in the long run. There is need of using high quality content and one of the ways is to use online SEO. More than 40 percent of the people want to see more videos and that is just the starting. By 2021, 80 percent of the content will be in video form. One of the ways is to tap into Youtube. It is already the second largest search engine. The tip is to optimize the content specifically for Youtube only.

  • Optimize voice search

Mark my words, Voice search is going to be the future in SEO. When there is ease of searching with the help of voice, why will anyone not use it! And the stats are there to back this. More than 40 percent people use voice search at least once a day. The figure has risen 35 times since 2008 which shows the progress. You need to put your content in the featured snippet if you want to benefit it from it. Four out of every ten audio search results come from a featured snippet.

  • Don’t ignore the use of content and links

No matter how many new trends come and go, there are some things which will always remain important in a Digital Marketing Agency – use of content and links. If the content is not up to the mark, you won’t be able to generate links. And if there is no link building, there will be no first page success for you. No algorithm comes to play unless you are on the first page. In short, no matter which things trend, Content and links are here to stay.

These tips will definitely shape up SEO in 2019 and can be considered as a definite SEO guide.

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