How can WhatsApp be used in Digital Marketing

The world of Digital Marketing is gradually expanding and newer aspects are coming to the scenes. If we compare the work done in this field to the one done a decade ago, all of it can be just described in simple words. But not anymore. You cannot define Digital Marketing in one simple word or sentence. There have been a lot of advancements made in this form of marketing and it has moved quite forward. It has become a common thing for a brand to have an online presence. It doesn’t matter if the services are provided in digital space, but the presence is a must.

Social Media is a prime example of what we are trying to say. A social media account has become the norm for big brands. Businesses focusing on Real estate, agriculture, automobiles, manufacturing parts, etc. have now allocated their budget in Digital Marketing. They know what the market needs and to keep up in the game, it has become essential for them to allocate a certain amount of their total budget to this marketing. One of the most sought after platforms is WhatsApp. It has become a game changer. Don’t make the mistake of considering it as just a platform to chat with your family and friends. It is actively used in Digital Marketing strategies. More than a billion people use this app and nothing can better than this. There are several ways of using WhatsApp in digital marketing. Some of them are explained below

  • Give your campaigns a personal feel

Before starting with WhatsApp marketing, remember that there are strict privacy policies and almost zero buying potential for third-party advertising. Remember this and start your Digital Marketing campaign by providing something personal to the users. There are hundreds of brand out there in the market and you want yours to stand out. This can be done by creating a campaign that has a personal touch. Consumers need to feel a human connection in the whole buying process. It should be a pleasant experience for them. You need to create a brand persona without invading their privacy. Make users feel special by engaging in any activity and this can be done by having a contest or something similar.

  • Cross-platform marketing

In simple words, WhatsApp is an interactive tool. People use it to communicate with each other. It is a cross-platform app and this is the aspect which should be capitalized. The benefit of using an app in Digital Marketing is to reach social media networks as well as people who are not in your reach. There is traffic analytics present to help you in this task. These analytics helps you in gauging your target audience and seeing which networks are popular among them. As this app is developed using open source software, website traffic analytics are available for anyone to see. You can analyze the results and tweak your social media strategy accordingly.

  • Give users some kind of incentive

On the outset, Digital Marketing with WhatsApp’s use seems like a simple process. But how are you going to get users to give their contact number? It is essentially an app that people use for private purpose so they may not be comfortable in giving you their phone number. This is where you have to score. As a brand, you have to create incentives for the brand to make people willing to share their contact information. One of the effective ways is to run a competition in which the selected user wins some kind of money. It is a fun and creative way of enhancing customer interaction and spreading your name across.

  • Excellent Customer Service standard

Customer service is an integral part of any service offering. It doesn’t matter if you provide products or services. There has to be an impeccable customer service. If you have decided to do Digital Marketing on WhatsApp, make sure to keep up with your customer service game. Customer service should be your top priority as it the perfect platform for instant messaging. The manner in which you are able to create rapport with your customers will decide your brand’s reputation. You have to understand why people are connecting with you on this app. One-on-one requests are going to be aplenty and make them feel that you’re available at just one tap of the button. For big businesses, it will be wiser to form a separate team for this work.

  • Take full use of the Broadcast list and Group Chat

What makes WhatsApp an effective app is the ease of use. There aren’t many windows in it. It is pretty simple to use and has and there are no hassles. If you are opting for Digital Marketing on WhatsApp, you have to use the Broadcast list for sure. The lists should be made according to specific topics and then the information needs to be shared to enhance the engagement. Including links of your offering is a must. The same can be achieved with the help of a Group Chat. More than 240 people can be added in a Group and shared info will be grasped by all of them. Getting information from all of them can be very helpful. The best use of this feature can be taken when performing market studies prior to a product launch.

  • Other Uses

WhatsApp is a free message site. There is no cost involved in sending any number of messages. It is available for Android as well as an iphone. All you need is an active Internet connection and you are good to go. You can even reach the International audience too. WhatsApp has started voice as well as video calls. If there is any user query, it can be solved via a direct call. Instead of redirecting, it will directly reach the customer service agent. Another aspect is of Content quality. Unlike Twitter, which has a character limit of 280 words, you can write long sentences on WhatsApp. There is no problem in creating quality content and sharing it with the users.

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