Do’s and Don’ts of Content Writing

Digital Marketing is about creating an online presence with the help of Content Writing, Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Services etc. You cannot imagine Digital Marketing if not for these services. Everyone has an online presence and this presence is not just limited to personal use. Big brands have realized how important it is to make their mark online. As people will see more them, it will obviously increase their revenue. Coming back to digital marketing, you cannot just focus on one aspect. For example – you want better ranking for your website. For that you will have to focus on Content Writing. But that alone is not enough. You have to also indulge in SEO services if you want it to rank higher.

This blog is, particularly about Content Writing. When you plan out how to reach more audience, then Content will surely be mentioned. But why is content important? It is important to have interactive content as the results of content writing are encouraging for the website. You will gain more clicks and traffic with the help of good content. The traffic will ultimately lead to conversions. Just like any other form of digital marketing technique, Content Writing has its own sets of Dos and Don’ts.

These dos and don’ts will keep you on the track and help in writing the desired content. Some of them are mentioned below –

  • Do write for a cause

We are starting with a fairly simple point. This point is important as it is the basic requirement of Content Writing. The need for Content is for a particular reason. You have a purpose before you begin writing. In Digital Marketing, it is done to bring more users to the website. Always remember this while writing. You have a particular purpose in mind while writing. Don’t create bland content or just for the sake of it. You have a responsibility on your shoulder and the results will be seen only when all of this is kept in mind. Choose a subject that will generate interest in the mind of the reader and also portrays the importance of the brand. Start by making an end goal and don’t divert from it.

  • Don’t forget the audience

The primary objective of Content Writing is to bring more visitors to the website by keeping the brand’s image in the mind. The flow of content should be in that terms but don’t forget to understand the audience interest. One of the biggest mistakes that a content writer can make is to write content without understanding what the audience really wants. Writing regular content without getting any hits is of no use. There is so much of content present online that you cannot expect users to devote all of their time to your site. If you are able to hold their attention in the start, then only your content can weave some magic. Taking the assistance of Google Analytics can be a good idea.

  • Do emphasize on Keywords

In digital marketing, content and SEO are interrelated. They have to hunt in partnership. The requirement of a business can be fulfilled with the combined efforts of SEO and Content Writing. To rank higher on search engines and subsequently get more hits, you need to incorporate some specific keywords that are necessary. After all, SEO is the end goal and then only Content can prove to be useful. Remember to use keywords in such a way that they are dispersed all over instead of stuffing them all over. With the help of Google’s Keyword tool, you can understand which are the relevant keywords as it tells you about the competition among them.

  • Don’t plagiarize

Writing content is by no means an easy task.You have to research everything that you write and be sure that the content is relevant and devoid of any mistakes. But one of the most important things in Content Writing is avoiding plagiarism. It is a serious offense and copying else’s work without giving due credit is going to lead to failure. It is just equal to stealing and even if it is unintentional, the results are not going to be encouraging. If you don’t want to face these issues, then there are different free apps to check if the content is plagiarized or not.

  • Do have a Call-To-Action

Great content is how well you are able to hold the attention of the audience. A content writer may not notice but having Call-To-Action is also a part of Digital Marketing. It is an essential feature as far as providing brand value is concerned. With CTA, Content Writing will just be like any another futile exercise. Providing useful information is not enough. There is a need of engaging the readers and encourage them to take an action. This can be done by CTA. Place it strategically and you are good to go.

  • Don’t neglect to promote it

Researching and jotting down the content gives a feeling of satisfaction. After all, you have done all the hard work and you deserve to feel good. But don’t just stop there. There is one more thing to do. Once Content Writing is done, there is a need for proper promotion. You can’t expect the majority of people to read the content without any promotion. After the content has been published, promote it in social media. If you are in a B2B market, then LinkedIn can be quite helpful. Including the content in email newsletters can also prove to be a great idea.

  • Do sound like a normal human being

Why do people read the content that you write? It’s because people are looking for some information and your website seems like a good place for them. Don’t let that opportunity go. It is important to build a connection and that can be done only when readers are able to comprehend what you are saying. The content shouldn’t be too difficult to understand. Being friendly and using simple words are two tips which will help you in doing this. This will also help in having better access to Call to action. 

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