Digital Marketing: The Next Big Advertising Platform

While traditional forms of advertising i.e. Radio, TV and Print continue to be influential sources for targeting potential consumers, the Digital platform is fast emerging as the next big thing to grab audience attention and to effectively promote a product.

This rapid increase in the effectiveness of the Digital Platform is because of the plethora of opportunities and tools of communication that the digital platform offers.

The digital platform makes it easy to culminate the qualities of all the other mediums such as the emotional appeal of human voice from radio, the power of visuals from print and the life like representation through videos on TV.

This culmination along with the additional feature of interactivity results in a platform that is more influential and at the same time more economical.

Digital Marketing has numerous advantages that ensure instant popularity of the marketed product, if done effectively. Visual Marketing is one such advantage which involves images for web pages and social media including illustrations, info graphics etc.

These images can be shared, commented upon, liked and instant feedback from the consumer is accessed which makes the sponsored product the ‘talk of the town’.

Effective digital marketing relies on strategies to achieve specific outcomes. It becomes of prime importance to skilfully blend balance and budget and integrate them for maximum benefit.

Digital Marketing has now become an important platform for establishing brand identity. Any potential consumer inquires about a product by searching for its presence online; the website is the hub of digital marketing activities.

Each page of a company’s website must fulfil and be in sync with the company objectives. The feature of Search Engine Optimization that the digital platform offers provides the essential advantage of increased brand visibility as most buying journeys usually begin with search.

However, in the age of content overload, it becomes essential to take advantage of a combination of owned, earned and paid media channels to amplify the reach of the content. While content planning is the fabric of any search, business blogging is the centrepiece of most of the companies’ content marketing efforts.

One of the recent trends in digital marketing is pay per click advertising, which has become a means of fast website traffic generation. Therefore, instant visibility tools such as PPC and programs offered by Google are gaining significant importance.

The success of a product on digital platform is dependent on the interactivity of the media content. Social media platforms contribute to the highest amount of interactivity and boosts customer interaction. Videos also contribute in boosting the success of the company on social media. Email marketing also offers an effective way to reach out to potential consumers.

One of the most recent trends of the virtual space is promotion through gaming. Gaming is one such multi-media platform that attracts consumers of all age groups.

Product promotion can either be through pop-up ads or through indirect promotion such as a game featuring Chotta Bheem, always interacts with the consumers to make him bathe with Dettol.

Digital marketing is thus emerging as a one stop solution to administer all forms of marketing techniques.

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