Combining Tips with Tools to get work done seriously

Digital Marketing is everywhere. Yes, we are talking in a literal manner. Let’s take an example of this. You go online on social media to see what your friends are up to. But that is not the only thing that you witness. There are a lot of random videos popping out of pages that you haven’t liked or followed. And once you view one of those, the feed has completely filled those videos. Those are all sponsored videos and a perfect example of Digital Marketing. And this trend is on the rise. There are sponsored ads everywhere. You see them even when you haven’t signed up for them. And every social media platform is doing this.

There are a lot of different verticals in Digital Marketing. Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Services, Web Designing etc. are some of the common ones which are considered are necessities when it comes to Digital Marketing. Incorporating these verticals makes the whole Digital Campaign successful. But it isn’t as easy as it sounds. You have to keep in mind that the campaign you are running is ticking off all the boxes and not just moving ahead in one direction. The biggest challenge that comes is in maintaining all of these tasks at once. It can become rigorous and can only be sustained when there is a balance of everything.

Below given are some tips, combined with the tools that help in getting all the work done –

  • Don’t discard Paper

Working in a Digital Marketing is a different experience than working in a normal marketing agency. Right from the culture to the way of doing things is different. Quicker you are in adapting things better will be your productivity. Paper is one of those things whose use is minimized in Digital Marketing. But don’t make the mistake of discarding it completely. It is a good tool to keep track of the scheduled tasks. There are different tools present online to keep track of these things but nothing works better than paper planners. Combining them with digital calendars and project management tools will help you a lot in organizing your work in the manner you like. Don’t focus on annual goals, instead maintain your day-to-day work target to succeed.

  • Trust yourself to be the best resource for yourself

In the field of Digital Marketing, you are introduced to different tools that are supposed to help you in your work. These tools save your time as well as the efforts. But these tools go as far as the technology permits them too. There is no resource better than yourself. If you want to succeed in Digital or for that matter of fact any other field, then you have to trust your ability. You are the best resource that is available and better than anyone else! In the end, tools work only when we want them to work. You have personal accountability that is in your hands. Prioritize the things you want and follow them accordingly.

  • Collaborate with others

As a manager of a Digital Marketing team, you have to oversee the work of different fields. You not only have to manage different people but also multiple clients in different genres. There is a requirement of personal accountability as well as accountability to the team. Use of digital tools is really going to help in doing this. One of the common tools in collaboration is Airtable. It’s simple to work with and free to use for everyone. Consider it as an amalgamation between the Excel spreadsheet and Google Docs. Assigning of tasks to different people becomes easy and also helps in accountability too.

  • Repurpose your content instead of creating new content

Content creation is one of the most important aspects of Digital Marketing. A well researched and thorough content is the need of the hour. Every other agency is on the lookout for content that is trending right now. Sometimes, the final content is not what is was desired. There may be many different reasons for that but that shouldn’t deter you. Don’t make the mistake of creating new content and discarding the old one. Instead, repurpose the old content. Thanks to digital marketing, there are different ways of promoting content. Promoting old and successful content requires half the efforts than creating new content.

  • Take assistance from Google as much as you want

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future of the Internet. It includes everything from Digital to Purchasing. Brands have started to do whatever it takes to enhance the user’s experience. As a digital marketer, you should take full use of this feature. Google Autofill is a great feature that eases the efforts. Digital Marketing is a field where this feature can help a lot. For example – if you type Content Marketing in Google, then it will tell you about everything related to Content Marketing that is going around you. Google Autofill tells you well about industry topics and what to write around them.

  • Be wary of Social Media

Now, this is a tip that will surely help you in the long run. Social Media is one of those platforms where everyone spends a considerable bit of time. While working in a competitive environment, it can get a bit stressful. But don’t fall over to the dark side known as Social Media! Manage the hours you are spending on social media with the help of tools easily available online. Use a tool to monitor excessive usage and cut down on the hours.

  • Organize the calendar by blocking time for specific tasks

When you have been assigned some tasks, you are expected to complete them on time. The problem arises when there are multiple jobs in hands. To succeed in Digital Marketing, you need to prioritize the work. And this is done by having a calendar. You don’t know what to put on the calendar and what to avoid? Don’t worry. The best way is to put everything there and then calculate. This will give a clear and more realistic way of the day.

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