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A Digital Marketing Agency can survive only when it has the means to evolve with the demands of time. Technology has changed over time and there is no stopping. New inventions are made every now and then. This has also simplified the work. With the incorporation of Digital in advertising world, a whole new world has been explored. Now marketing is done by sitting in the premises. It is now considered as a breakthrough in technology. If you look out, you will see many companies providing digital services in different verticals. But are those worthy to spend your well earned money?

This is the main question. If you check them out, they promise you the best services and working process but not many of them have all the necessity tools. If you want to go ahead with the best Digital Marketing Agency, then do give a consideration to their previous app marketing services. Mobile app is the future of marketing. Its funny to use the word future for digital as it is considered future in itself. There is tremendous impact of mobile app and it has been recognized by everyone, therefore, untiring efforts are being made in that sector.

The stats are out there for everyone to see. More people are now active on mobile than desktop and this gap is increasing every year. Be it music, tv shows, games or any other source of entertainment, there is an app present for every source. Steadily, everyone is now moving towards app and marketing is not left behind. If you want to connect with the customers on a regular medium and want them to take the maximum benefit, mobile app is the best thing. Every Digital Marketing Agency should be able to provide App Marketing services to get ahead of the time.

There are several marketing strategies for mobile apps. In any Digital Marketing Agency, those strategies are mentioned as below –

  • Focus on Key Performance Indicator

To keep pace with the long term strategic goals, identifying Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a must. One advantage while setting up KPI is that it is very much similar to other marketing goals. The difference lies in the strategies and nuances of the specific app.

A good Digital Marketing Agency focuses on points such as app store rankings, app store optimization, organic & loyal user acquisition, cost-per-download among others. This all may be new for many marketers which means that there is need of team which has experience in this particular field. Although you need to focus on the KPIs specific to app marketing but it needs to coincide with other marketing strategies.

  • Give your App all the deserving resources

As mobile app marketing is a new vertical, marketers don’t allocate the deserving budget to it. At times, it is even less than 1 percent of the total budget. This is where the expertise of a good Digital Marketing Agency comes. According to a study, more than 79 percent consumers wish to receive location based alerts on their mobile phones.

The normal spend on app marketing should be around 8 percent. But the job is not done. There should also be planning of how to spend the budget. One of the key things to do is to enhance your app’s visibility in the required marketplaces year-round.

  • Keep your attention unidirectional

Every Digital Marketing Agency is fighting to be the numero uno in app development nowadays. Even the individual departments are doing the same. There may be turf war arising inside the office as to who owns this department. The solution to this problem is to align all the different stakeholders into one team.

This way, everyone will have a say in app marketing strategies which will help in making these strategies successful. It won’t be a simple task to do this but is a necessary step. But it will increase the creativity and ease the planning of any campaign related to app.

  • Market the right platform, not just the App

Gone are the days when the app was designed just for the sake of it. At that time, it was okay to market the app but now this is not feasible. As your Digital Marketing Agency is serious on advertising the app, the aim should be more than just to sell the app. Instead, the focus should be on selling the experience provided by the app.

The app should also be presented in a way which makes itself distinguishable from the previous experiences on mobile websites. It is of prime importance to be clear and specific about the use of app and how it is going to simplify the everyday lives.

  • Lift your App organically

If your Digital Marketing Agency focuses on doing work organically, then you are in safe hands. Paid media buys will definitely give your app the required boost but eventually, its success will be gauged by the numbers of users who install your app on their own. They discover it and find your app to be relevant of their space and data.

One of the better strategies in this regard is burst campaign. It is the most prominent strategy to achieve organic lift. The primary goal is to achieve your app’s optimal rank. It is possible when your app has organic downloads. It is going to help you on the long run.

  • Don’t confuse App downloads with Success

The fist step is to make people download your app but this is not the end result. Many people may download the app just because of curiosity. But don’t use it and uninstall. What a Digital Marketing Agency needs is target the loyal customers. They are ones who will let your app turn profitable by generating revenue and giving you a better ROI.

These people actually use the app and its features. It is important to acquire loyal users. If there are no loyal users, it means there is something is wrong with the design and functionality of your app.

These strategies are very much important, no matter how old or new you are in the app marketing business.

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