9 little changes to prevent your Facebook page being banned

A Facebook Page is not uncommon in today’s time. Facebook has been an important part of our lives, at least for the past 10 years. Look around yourself and you will notice that most of the people have an active Facebook account. This is the reason why it has been installed over a billion times on the Google Play Store. Brands have started noticing this and came up with the strategies to market themselves on this particular social media platform. The most effective and simple way is to make a Facebook Page and promote your brand’s offering there. And if you are active here, you will notice a plethora of brands there.

A Facebook page holds a lot of importance to your business. It’s absolutely a no-brainer to have your page here. There is a rumor going in the industry that Facebook is not that strong as it used to be in the earlier times but that is not true at all. In the era of digital marketing, a Facebook page holds so much importance. There are so many reasons to have an FB page. Some of the examples include increased exposure to potential customers, gather more leads, lower marketing expense, reaching a targeted audience, build brand loyalty among others. But all of this is not so straight forward. You have to remember certain things, otherwise, your page will be banned. Some of the little things to prevent your page being banned are as follows –

  • Read the Facebook Ad policy

Just like every other platform, there are some terms and conditions to FB also. In this case, we are talking about its Ad policy. If you choose to ignore this, there are high chances that you will get your account banned sooner than later. It’s not about doing something wrong but about not doing something right in the desired manner. The whole policy won’t take much of your time. After reading it, you can run your Facebook page in a better manner as you will have knowledge of what works well here. It’s better to earn less profit and have a page rather than earning no profit due to a ban.

  • Don’t go berserk with posting

When you running a Facebook Page, you have to be active on a daily basis. This is one of the best ways to earn more followers. The more you’re active, more people will see your page. All you need to do is be careful about it. Don’t post everything at once. Keep some interval between the posts. Otherwise, your page will be categorized as spam. What we tend to do is that we share the content in multiple groups at the same time which is not a good idea. Remember to leave a few minutes in between each post.

  • Focus on originality

A brand is built by efforts and persistence. It is in your hands to shape up the brand. Content is very important in doing so. When it comes to Facebook Page, nothing can be better than curating and sharing original content. If you take the advice of Facebook’s community managers who are a pro at preventing pages being blocked. For ex – if you have to post an image, then don’t download it from Google. Instead, try to post something original. If you are still using them, make sure that you have a licence or permission to use those images.

  • Learn about promotion

Everyone starts small on Facebook. With the help of goodwill and good content, a page begins to grow. This is where promotion comes to play. Consider this as a collaboration effort. Other brands may want to collaborate with you. This is done by sharing their links on your own page. Before doing that, you need to know all about promotion. There are certain things that are allowed and not allowed. Keep all those in mind. What’s allowed is E-commerce, lead generation, collecting e-mails into a funnel, mobile apps, insurance etc. What’s not allowed in a Facebook page is gambling, adult content etc.

  • Be wary of the competitors

This particular point is not just about checking what the competitors are doing and keeping up with them. It is also about being wary of the spammers. They may have an agenda against your Facebook Page. When your page is doing good, there will be saboteurs who may stoop low to hurt your page in any way possible. They don’t shy away from playing dirty. The first and most feasible thing to do is to block them right away. You can also report their individual profile and contact Facebook to explain what exactly happened.

  • Run ads on your page

Facebook is a social media platform where people share posts, images and their views on different things. Their source of income is the sponsored ads that bring a hefty sum. If you want Facebook to be on your side, then the best thing is to run ads. Running ads is like being cautious from the word Go. They will see that you are genuine and not some fake page as you are ready to spend money on the brand. It will also give you an opportunity to set the tone of our brand in the initial run.

  • Other factors 

Keep an eye on the type of people liking your Facebook Page. It may not be possible to track every one of them, but what you can do is regulate the comment list. Try to keep it clean and delete all the objectionable comments. When it comes to naming your page, make sure you don’t have a personal name given to it. Last but not least, create different business manager accounts for different campaigns. If FB doesn’t like one of the campaigns, they can shut that one business manager account but your page will remain functional.

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