7 Content writing skills you need in 2019

The idea of Content Writing is to make sure that you are making the audience come to your website. A website is an important tool to sell your brand. The market is growing at a fast pace and the only way to go ahead is to go digital. Every brand is now present online and to take its full use, you need to embrace it with arms wide open. Understanding every bit of digital marketing increases your reach to potential customers. And the first thing to do is to have a website. Only when you have a website, you will be able to sell yourself to the customers. People take you seriously when you have a site. After building a website, you need to have Content Writing done.

Content Writing, in the basic term, refers to the type of writing that is done to sell and promote the brand’s offering online. It is closely related to web marketing campaigns and the main aim of Content Writing is to use bring traffic to the website so that the users can know about the brand’s product or service. But being a content writer isn’t an easy skill to master. It requires learning at different stages and knowing what is trending in the market. Some of the skills come into play when you go forward with time. And these skills keep on changing accordingly. In 2019, there are some of the skills which are mentioned below –

  • Be SEO ready

When we talk about Content Writing, SEO is one of the first things that come into mind. You cannot expect users to redirect to your website without any external help. Even if you have engaging content, users will come to you only when you have engaged in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There are certain keywords which you have to incorporate into your content so that it ranks higher on the search engines. Only then you will be on the top of the search page leading to more clicks and better traffic on the website.

Readability is something which is quite important in SEO writing. Have clarity in your writing and make sure to keep it all simple. Images are a great way to go in SEO. According to research, blogs and articles with image enjoy 94 percent more views than the ones without any images. Keep this in mind about SEO and you will find success in this department.

  • Manage your time

When you first think of it, time management is not the first thought that comes to your mind when we talk about Content Writing. But you need to manage time in order to be a proficient Content Writer. Organizing and prioritizing the given work is the first thing to do. There may be different pieces of work to be written and may overlap. You need to prioritize it and complete the most important work first. If you are not managing your time, there will be a lot of last-minute work whose quality won’t be top notch. To balance everything, you need to have good time management skills.

  • Fluent English

Your writing skills are dependent on the fluency of your English. You need to be clear on the writing skills you need. Being clear gives you a tonal platform and the whole content is based on that tone only. You cannot expect Content Writing without being fluent in English. This is pretty much a basic requirement. Reading online content makes you learn new words that may help you in going forward. Adding words to your vocabulary is only going to take you forward. Use those words in your writing piece and see if the quality of content is enhanced or not. Take your time to learn and don’t shy away from it.

  • Marketing efficient skills

As a Content Writer, you don’t have to be an expert in Marketing but having some marketing skills is not going to hurt you. While writing the content, don’t work too hard on editing it simultaneously. First, prepare the draft and then edit it at the end. Being a good marketer will help in satisfying the need of the client. Content Marketing, along with marketing helps in delivering the content your client needs. Understanding the need of client according to the marketing plan helps deliver the right set of requirements. The marketing skills you acquire will make you a better writer.

  • Flexible tone of writing

While working as a Content Writer, you will have different work such as writing blogs, articles and sometimes social media posts too. The clients may spread over different genre and all you can do is to prepare yourself for all that. The work that you do may be of different tones and poles apart. You will be benefited if you have the ability to change your tone according to the demand of the client. They should have the ability to change the tone at a moment’s notice and without losing the individual voice.

  • Creativity

Success in Content Writing depends a lot on how creative you are. The way you craft your content will tell how far you are going in that field. All of this is decided by the client. Maybe, the requirement is to stick to the point and write a simple and compact content but sometimes, the client is not very specific about the topic and only throws a bunch of keywords at you. This is where your creativity will come into play. Being successful means to work with every type of client.

  • Communication skills

The final and one of the most important skills to have in Content Writing is communication skills. Writing skill is a bare necessity for a writer but exceptional verbal communication is a must too. There are some clients who want every bit of update and that includes verbal updates too. Another thing is to write crisp e-mails. The world of Digital means communicating in different verticals.

These above-mentioned skills are necessary in 2019 for your growth as a Content Writer.

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