5 Humorous Ads carrying a Deeper Meaning

If done right than humour can achieve great success. Humour in advertising can play a vital role and is a delicate method of attracting a viewer’s attention to the product. When done properly it will not only engage people but get them to remember the product. According to a theory which states that “humour can be something unrealistic and unexpected”. If our creative strategy is based on humour, it might be the best ad, but it will certainly catch the viewers’ attention. When we see funny advertisements, we tend to discuss it with our friends which further leads to higher consumer engagement.
Though humour is tricky but these Indian and foreign brands have got it right and are worth noticing:

1.Aur Dikhao: A social ad by Aur dikhao has left a longing effect on the people by using just about the right amount of humour. The basic motive behind this ad was to educate people about the importance of their life and how they are taking their life for granted by being addicted to smoking . The ad shows how a dying man who has been smoking, has his last wish to get married before he dies. But just when his wish was about to get fulfilled he dies since every cigarette consumes 11 minutes of our life and it could even cost our last wish. A structure like this always works with brevity. The story telling is extremely nuanced and in a minimal way gives us the powerful message on how smoking habits can harm you and to what extent. And they say you can’t convince a smoker to leave it for anyone else. They must leave only for their incentives.

2 DUREX: Another campaign was initiated by durex on father’s day which was by far the most unconventional way of enlightening the youth as well as the public about the importance of protective intercourse. The tag line was as quirky as the campaign “to all those who have used our competitors product, Happy Father’s day”. This was by far the most well-made ads of all the time which not only depicts how important it is to remember that fatherhood is a serious thing, and it is necessary that everyone can prepare for, but it’s good to know you want kids before you have them.

3. Havells Appliances Steam Iron Ad- Respect for Women: Havells has always surprised us with their interesting take on a subject in a humorous manner. Havells came up with a series of ads focusing on the concept of respect for women by showcasing the same with the ad of domestic appliance by spreading a message to respect women for who they are and their very existence and not considering them as the sole operator of kitchen appliances. It’s high time that people should start respecting women and not follow the taboo that women belong in the kitchen.

4. Fevikwik: A 40 second ad which was strategically planned and launched around the time of India-Pakistan match in which the soldiers of the respected nations were trying to outdo one another in their usual border-march, the sole of the Pakistani soldiers shoe comes apart. He looks at his rival in an appealing manner, who in a matter of second miraculously fixes it for him. They salute each other and at which point the voice-over and super go ‘Todo Nahi Jodo’. In a seamless manner how the brand elevates the attribute of bonding from a functional to emotional level. It promotes the broader message of strengthening bonds between people.

5. Nescafe-It all starts with a Nescafe: This ad became a part of countless social media conversation and fetched over 5 million views on YouTube. Everyone has some or the other hurdle in their lives. But, what the brand wanted to do Is to motivate people to not to be afraid of their hurdle, but to turn their weakness into their strengths. We all fall, get up and complete the race of life. It is our strength that silently stays by our side all through the journey. That’s exactly what the campaign wanted to do and to empower people to embrace their weakness.
Thus, humour is a powerful tool that can be used to convey messages with a vast meaning more efficiently!

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