5 Advertising Campaigns that were Way too Original

As Jimmy Maymann, Chairman, GoViral puts it “A Good engaging advertisement has one core feature: stickiness. Stickiness is the quality of something which catches our eye and makes us stop; something original, intriguing and enjoyable; something that pushes the attention button in our brain and makes us investigate further.” The purpose of any ad campaign is to create a positive impact, a memorable influence in the minds of the consumers. Advertisements must possess the essential feature of stickiness that is important for the success of any ad, as it not only registers the brand in the minds of the consumer but also makes the ad enjoyable for the consumers, drawing their attention and generating curiosity. All campaigns that are able to achieve these objectives can be termed as successful ad campaigns.

Some of such advertising campaigns that are way too original include:

1. Fevikwik- Todo Nahi Jodo campaign

This campaign was launched in 2015 during the India vs Pakistan ICC Worldcup match. The ad was launched on the TV platform; it was set in the backdrop of the ‘Beating Retreat’ Ceremony at Wagah Border featuring the soldiers of both India and Pakistan. It beautifully captured the sentiments of competition, excitement and pride between both the countries while also simultaneously focusing on the maintenance of friendly relations between them. In the Television Commercial, it is shown that while performing the parade, the Indian soldier notices that there is a problem with the shoe sole of the Pakistani soldier. To save his fellow mate from embarrassment the Indian soldier applies Fevikwik in a jiffy. Due to the fast action of the adhesive his shoe sole is fixed and both of them continue with the parade with the same competitive spirit with which they began. The Tagline “ Todo Nahi Jodo” subtly highlights how Indo-Pak relations must be maintained. The accurate direction of the TVC, The catchy tagline and the timing of the launch of campaign ie during the India-Pakistan world cup match made the ad successful and unforgettable. The success of the ad can be witnessed from the fact that it crossed 9,50,000 views! The brand was also promoted on social media with the #TodoNahiJodo.

2. Coca-Cola – Small world machines

In this event based campaign Coca-Cola aimed at achieving widespread coverage for its ‘open happiness’ campaign. In this innovative campaign two Coca-Cola vending machines were installed in India and Pakistan. The initiative was aimed at making friends from across the border through the webcam installed on the vending machines and perform activities together as a result of which both the participants would be awarded with a free a Coke can. The ad was successful as the consumers felt happy and they could experience happiness with each can of Coke. The brand recall value increased manifold as well as this campaign also received many awards in the category of Best Campaign.

3. The Hindu-Matrimonial Placement

In response to the Wake up campaign launched by Times of India, The Hindu launched a brave campaign that no one could have thought of. The Hindu placed an advertisement in the form of a matrimonial ad in TOI newspaper and the advertisement read: Wanted: A groom who reads The Hindu, because it reports the truth. The writing is crisp and brilliant. And they read their ads before they post it. This advertisement was not only an original and creative way to advertise but also gathered the attention of TOI readers.

4. Coca Cola- Let’s take an extra second

This campaign was released during Ramadan and it targeted the Middle East. The campaign was a very creative and unique attempt to encourage people not to judge people by their appearance. To give shape to this campaign, the company removed its label from the can. This was an attempt to encourage people to end the stereotypes that emerged from appearance. The ad was launched with the tagline ‘Labels are for cans not for people’ which conveyed a powerful message. The timing of the launch made the campaign very famous.

5. Nescafe- #ItAllStarts

This digital campaign by Nescafe was aimed at taking forward its tagline ‘It all starts with a Nescafe’. The creative digital campaign associated the tag line with real life stories with a common hashtag- #ItAllStarts. For example: One of the digital posts featured a single lady with the following copy: “30 and Single. That’s your plan? NOPE, 30 and SUCCESSFUL I said. #ItAllStarts when I feel complete as I am.” The emotional connect with the consumers in this campaign makes it a highlight among others.

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