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PPC Services

Advertising is done for the purpose of selling a particular product to the right audience who are willing to pay for it. Digital advertising also works in the same manner and the primary aim is to increase the traffic of the website. One of the most effective methods is to go with PPC services. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is an internet marketing representation with the help of which advertisers display ads for their services and pay a fee whenever their ads get clicked. All you need to do is target the relevant keywords for search engines. But a lot of efforts goes into building a perfect PPC campaign. Our team of excellent individuals put their thorough knowledge in researching and organizing the right set of keywords that are optimized for conversions. Our PPC services include –

Services Include

  • Search Advertising
    Search advertising is one of the most common forms of PPC and essentially used by every digital marketer. It is a form of paid advertising technique in which the keywords you have paid for, are displayed in search engine whenever someone searches for the services. These ads are a perfect match for the query. This marketing is quite effective and helps in reaching a much more targeted audience. With the help of our services, you get better leads and reduced cost per customer acquisition resulting in increased revenue.
  • Display Advertising
    As there are a lot of options in digital media, user sees exactly what it wants to see. The best you can do is to present yourself in the manner the user find it relevant. This is effectively done by display advertising. It is a form of paid advertising in which text, images, videos, logos and other graphics may be added to communicate a message visually. It is a powerful advertising service to grab the attention of the right kind of audience. We help you in meeting your objective effectively by creating brand awareness and increasing lead generation.
  • Lead Generation Campaign
    Starting a PPC campaign may look like a cakewalk from the offset but when you actually get on with it, you realize the challenges that come with it. For a lead generation campaign to go on smoothly, there is need of tracking conversions completely and the ability to differentiate sales leads from other conversions. Our completely transparent services get you more qualified leads at reduced cost per click. We make sure that all your resources are better spent without compromising on the quality.
  • Re-Marketing
    Getting audience stick to your website is a daunting task. They may have come to your site but have left it due to one reason or another. Some of them can be potential customers and Re-Marketing is done to keep them in the loop. It is a clever way of online advertising to lure visitors back to your website. They will see your ads while they are browsing the web so that your brand is on the top of their mind. We are a strong advocate of Re-Marketing as past visitors are more familiar with your work and more likely to become a customer. It optimizes searches by increasing leads and ROI.
  • Social Advertising
    PPC is not just limited to search engines. There are various other pages where it can be done. One of the most important is social media. Almost everyone who is online is on social media and PPC has taken advantage of this fact. It can be considered as a form of PPC which solely targets social media platforms. Social advertising puts a strong case for itself as all the big names in digital are going ahead with it. Social advertising services provided by us creates deeper engagement with the user. We set specific goals for engagement with the landing page to gauge the success.
  • Product Listing Ads
    If you are a stats person, then you will clearly see the shift in paradigm when it comes to shopping. People are now comfortable to buy things online as they trust the websites. Product listing ads showcase your product details on top and take the user directly to your website when they click on it. You only pay when the user clicks and visit your website. It has now become a norm for e-commerce websites to go for these services and we are there to help them with that. We help brands to improve their visibility by higher click-through conversion rates.
  • Mobile Advertising
    More and more people are switching to mobile and increasing number of apps are a clear proof of that. Be it apps or browser, mobile is more convenient to use on the go. And businesses have started to accept this fact as mobile advertising is becoming quite common now. Mobile advertising has become the norm as mobile users have shown a great intent to make a purchase. Our advertising services are known for personalized mobile preferred ads with features like relevant call-to-action, call extensions etc.
  • Email Marketing
    When it comes to PPC, it’s all about the clicks. But if it is not properly monitored, there can be a loss of significant amount of money. One of the most cost effective solution out there is Email Marketing. It is easy to use and considered as a better form of targeted marketing. It is a great way of generating interest in the mind of potential customer and closing the deal. Our Email marketing services comes with the responsibility of delivering only valuable content and keeping away from the spam of sales hype.

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