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Design & Development

Digital world is more specific and aggressive than the traditional world. There is no point of beating around the bush. As a brand owner, you need to present clearly the services you are offering because the competition is fierce and you need to put forward your best foot. For that you need to have a strong website. A great website puts a positive impression in front of the potential customer and keep the present ones coming back. Our Design and Development Services are suitable for both type of clients – looking to make a brand new website or upgrading an existing one. Our services focus on being aesthetically as well as functionally appealing without costing you a bomb. We realize the importance of impact and work keeping that in mind. Our services include –

Services Include

  • Website Layout Design
    Users visit any website because it looks relevant to them. At least, on the outset it looks relevant. But it is important to hold the attention, otherwise, the user will exit the website and won’t return back. This not only causes a loss of a customer but also affects the bounce rate. Having strong content is an all important thing and then comes a good layout. It should be unique and in sync with the brand’s image. Website Layout Design services provided by us are sufficient for your creative need. Our team has the skill and resource to project your brand in the best way.
  • Logo
    Identification plays an important part in success of any brand and this role is fulfilled by a logo. A logo is a symbol or design made of text or images to identify any company’s products and services. If you think at big brands such as Nike, Pepsi, Airtel etc. you will automatically remember their logo. This shows the power of a logo. It is the face of the company which plays a crucial role in building a perception. The focus of our Logo services is not in creating just a logo for your company but an identity through which a user can identify and talk about you.
  • Newsletters
    As more content is generated by the website, you want it to reach it to every user. Whoever is visiting your site should be able to get updates about the new trends and news that you are posting on your website. The best way is to go for newsletter subscription with the help of which a user can subscribe to your website and receive important updates. It is a great way to build your reputation of an expert. Our Newsletter design team makes you stand out among others and depict yourself as an industry leader.
  • Landing Pages
    Landing Page is a page where the user is redirected after clicking on your ad. They are considered important as they are the best option for increasing the conversion rate of your paid campaign. It is a convenient way of driving traffic and helps in improving overall SEO. If you have an attractive landing page, then the customer will be encouraged to take action. We understand the importance of a landing page and will provide you with a solid one. Right from a personalized page to a templated one, our designers have the expertise to build a competent landing page.
  • cms
    CMS Developments
    Managing digital content can be tricky. There are a whole of different verticals in digital and maintaining it can be cumbersome. CMS is there to simplify this problem. Content Management System (CMS) allows you to manage the content without any formal technical training. Be it web-pages, articles,blogs, press releases, stats etc. You are in control of everything now. Our CMS services are competent yet cost-effective and aim at surpassing the expectations of our client and impacting the sales number.
  • Mobile apps
    Mobile apps have been on the rise and this progress is not going to stop in the near future. As we go ahead, mobile apps are going to get a lot more attention. They are considered an excellent tool for branding and selling the company’s name. It may sound simple but building an app takes a lot of effort and talent. The user should be able to understand and the overall experience should be warm. Our team of highly skilled experts have experience of developing numerous user friendly apps and create practical strategies for them to be successful.
  • Custom Application
    Targeting a particular group of customers require complete understanding of what they want and if they are potential buyers, then it becomes even more critical to target them. This can be done by providing custom applications. It is a smarter and more productive choice of option as opposed to off the shelf software development. We provide custom application services by learning what you need and preparing thorough architecture of the app. We realize the importance of time and guarantee the completion of work on or before time.

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